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Nov 23, 2009

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Waxhaw, NC

Not all new homes in w

If you want me to check out your home for free and offer suggestions that will help your house not to burn down and for your fridge to never turn off because of something else in a different room tripping the circuit breaker, call me email me or checkout http://www.sparkse lectricalcompany.c om I am in the process of working on my website...the new one will be operational soon.  (Nov 23, 2009 | post #2)

Waxhaw, NC

Not all new homes in w

Hello out there, I'm Dan Peters, owner of Sparks Electrical Company. I moved here last year to Lawson shea homes in Waxhaw. I lived with my parents there for a few months. Now I live in Pulte Belair homes. But anyway, while I was in Lawson, I worked on many of the homes over there. I found out that most of the homes have an overload issue. If the circuit breaker doesn't do its job, these homes will burn. Also, they are not wired to code. This is whats the kitchens the refridgerator, the counter outlets, and the dining room outlets are all on the same 20 amp circuit breaker. By code this is unacceptable. The electrical code states that you have to have 2 small appliance circuits. A refrigerator is not a small appliance. Also, if your refrigerator uses more than 10 amp (look on inside of door for watts, then divide by 120) for amperage. Most fridges are about 12 amps. So, the code states any appliance/motor that uses more than half the capacity of the breaker must be by itself. My little nephew in 1st grade told me that half of 20 is 10, and 12 is more than 10. So, he figured out that the refrigerator is supposed to be by itself. It's not the inspector's fault at all. This can be easily overlooked as I have overlooked it myself. I actually stumbled across this looking for the breakers that work the kitchen and refrigerator and couldn't find any. The fault lies in the hands of the guy who wired the home. I called him to repair my aunt's home and he said that it was done right. Technically, it's not. Your fridge is not a small appliance. Some of the fridge's in your neighborhood use less than 10 amps. So they could be added with other items. But not the counter outlets. Now the dining room outlets are allowed to be on with the counter outlets. But the fridge has never been allowed on either of them. So, check your fridge, if its more than 10 amps....find the circuit breaker that controls it. The freezer in your garage is by itself on its own breaker..... Why isn't the full size fridge/freezer in your house on its own breaker? So, if you have something plugged in the dining room that pops the breaker, and you don't see it because you've gone away for a few days. You could come home to a very smelly rotten surpise.  (Nov 23, 2009 | post #1)

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You can't get electricuted sticking a key in an outlet an...

The chances of getting electricuted when sticking a key in an outlet are very slim. I know everyone has someone who has their story of when they were little they stuck a paperclip or a key or something metal into an outlet. And then they were thrown across the room and were fine, right? Maybe...if they had an old home with metal plate covers it could have happened. If they were holding a metal key in one hand in the outlet and with the other hand holding onto a nearby radiator or baseboard or any piece of metal that is connected to the earth that is possible. But, down south, we don't have metal radiators, we have hot air heat vents. Their not normally by the outlets. But sometimes they are in the floors if your house has a crawl space. If you touch one of these while poking metal in to an outlet you'll get shocked. Also, the shock gets worse if you have something big plugged in a nearby outlet. If you are vacuuming, and this happens the shock will be much worse. If you have an air conditioner plugged in nearby this can be very bad as well. Either way...the chances of this happening are very slim. On top of touching something that is grounded (or connected back to the earth somehow like plumbing pipes or electric wires) and having to poke a piece of metal in deep enough into the right side of the outlet which if not upside down, it's the small slot on the right. The bigger slot and the little hole don't have electric on them. They are simply a return path for the electric, and a back up safety wire.  (Nov 23, 2009 | post #1)

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