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Sep 22, 2010

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Universal City, TX

Don't Ask Don't Tell - Universal City, TX

They are going to be found out anyway by their mannerisms, their limp wrists, and crybaby attitudes. First time in combat, they're gone. Save a bullet, repeal the stupid thing......  (Mar 18, 2012 | post #1)

Universal City, TX

Occupy Wall St - Universal City, TX

Just more of the BS that is part of Obama's plan to push America towards socialism. They should go back to mama's basement and stop expecting the gov't to support them. Let their parents support them.  (Mar 18, 2012 | post #3)

Universal City, TX

Universal City Police are writing bogus traffic tickets.

I have lived in Universal City since I was 12 years old. Im now 62. I have only recieved 2 tickets in my life time. One for speeding when I was 18 years old and one for "squelling my tires" when turning a right corner, from a stop light. I deserved them both. In 1973 when I had returned from Viet Nam, I had the good fortune to buy a 1965 Corvette. I was merging into north bound traffic on I-35 down by 1604. The policeman was behind me and I saw him. He pulled me over stating that I had not used my left turn signal while merging into the traffic. Before going to far and argueing that my turn signal was indeed on and that the turn signal bulb was working. I asked to see his Drivers License. He asked what for and I told him I wanted to see if he was required to wear glasses while driving. He didnt show it to me but immidently just gave me a warning. (I had seen him before and he was always wearing glasses when driving). Its your right ALSO, to ask to see his/her drivers license. Dont forget that, you can always ask to see their drivers license also. Maybe I just got lucky.  (Mar 17, 2012 | post #165)

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