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Jul 9, 2011

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Anyone doing dried cubensis/shrooms

most reliable shroom seller on topix.... http://www.topix.c om/forum/drug/vali um/TVLOD2P2UDK94UQ N0 10g 42.50  (Nov 14, 2013 | post #7)

New Lib Caps 2013

come on guys why would anyone send this idiot ££££ he is brand new, no feedback, the usual see through scam long term trusted seller with plenty feedback here http://www.topix.c om/forum/drug/vali um/TVLOD2P2UDK94UQ N0 read the thread and you will see how honest vendors operate  (Oct 22, 2013 | post #102)

Liberty caps (magic mushrooms,shrooms,psilocybin)

trusted seller here with feedback http://www.topix.c om/forum/drug/vali um/TVLOD2P2UDK94UQ N0  (Oct 15, 2013 | post #34)

>>>>magic mushrooms uk-uk<<<<

more shrooms available now >>genuine trusted long term member thanks to the people who have left feedback  (Oct 13, 2013 | post #155)

camfetamine - anyone try it?

hi ian have done your survey very surprised anyone wants to know about this drug. sure it has been consigned to the dustbin of unwanted substances by now if you want surveys filled out, start a new thread and keep bumping it up sparkley  (Oct 4, 2013 | post #9)

>>>>magic mushrooms uk-uk<<<<

hi mate pm me  (May 29, 2013 | post #118)

>>>>magic mushrooms uk-uk<<<<

Hi for those that do not know I am away for around 10 more days then have to move house. will be sending again within 2 weeks will respond to pm's then emails have been answered sorry for the delays thanks sparkley  (May 15, 2013 | post #110)

Paul Mason 11 buchanan road Gllenrothes Fiife ky7 4hu

Chronicinsomniac really hope you manage to find the fife inbreed scammer. please get pics to put up if you do ... no scammers ever get caught on here (although best policy for you personally tbh is probably to learn from you mistakes and move on) dsmack is right fifers come to saughton first stop assault = abh in england serious assault = gbh  (May 1, 2013 | post #44)

>>>>magic mushrooms uk-uk<<<<

yea thread is still alive thanks again everyone for feedback running low ... more in next couple of days  (Apr 28, 2013 | post #89)

>>>>magic mushrooms uk-uk<<<<

Thanks for all the feedback guys, appreciate it!  (Apr 24, 2013 | post #78)

Looking for cheap weed/hash

sign up (only takes 2 mins) and personal message me highflydream. you will only attract scammers leaving your number on the forum mate  (Apr 23, 2013 | post #55)

>>>>magic mushrooms uk-uk<<<<

pleasure mate >> shrooms still available >> trusted, reliable seller  (Apr 18, 2013 | post #61)

scammer alert

what does that mean?? hope you are not talking about me? just coz I notice you are going through highlighting scam threads use google and check me out ... i am only trying to help  (Apr 12, 2013 | post #7)

scammer alert

could be this guy http://www.topix.c om/forum/drug/vali um/T7GCSOIU8FSFN8P 14 learn to google search, dyor!  (Apr 12, 2013 | post #5)

scammer alert

sorry to hear that laura there is a lesson here though ... NEVER buy off anyone who cannot provide plenty of reliable feedback, never put your email on the forum. why can't you get co cocodamol off your doc??? you can also but mild ones from the chemist i got stronger painlikkers but if co-cos do the job for you my stuff will be too strong BTW start a thread with the heading "M Johnson 15954868 30-90-99 scammer" then people can google search for it in future ... may stop some future scams  (Apr 12, 2013 | post #4)

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