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Sep 29, 2007

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Q & A with Spangle


Love them. I live in one.

Local Favorites:

Working on that one.

I Belong To:

4 cats, 3+ kids, and Husband. Some day I'll figure out how to get away.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm screaming.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

it's a good exercise in phonics.

I'm Listening To:

Kids screaming

Read This Book:

Any book. The more the better.

Favorite Things:

Oh, hmm.. Don't think I can list those.

On My Mind:

You don't want to know. Trust me on this ! !

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Right! If I did that, they would come take me away.

I Believe In:

things that will drive you crazy. And if they don't, then I will change them until it does.