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Feb 23, 2012

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APB out for smokin...

Hey smokin it's South. Need you to email me! Need to speak with you ASAP! Thanks my man!!! South  (Feb 25, 2013 | post #1)

Guys guys...smokin is NOT A SCAMMER!! Can't believe

I check this place and smokin is getting all this grief!! Smokin is a man firt of all! And I have been scammed by Rocky. I have spoken to smokin on the phone multiple times. I have also bought from smokin successfully!! So stop with the drama! Smokin is one of two legits I've used here!!  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #1)

Be very careful guys!!! The NEW SCAM going around is "pri...

To your email account. Telling you that they read of your need for Fent and offer private sales of patches. They say they DON'T post on topix anymore due to wanting to stay off the board! Then they send you pics and now they send threads "vouching " their sells! DO NOT SEND ANYONE MONEY THAT SAYS THE USED TO POST ON TOPIX!! Anyone doing this is a scammer! They make up the feedback. So stay away from anyone sending out emails and promising private sales of drugs. Just stay alert peeps!!  (Aug 17, 2012 | post #1)

100mcg/h & a few pops. USA only. 100 percent safe payment

Huh? You didn't know it existed? Weren't you the "Denney" responsible for the vouching of "chemist city pills"? Or whatever his name was? It CAN'T BE a coincidence that two seperate "Denneys " on Topix? Sorry but you do know this site exists because you where vouching for another Vendor. WATCH OUT FELLERS! I could totally be wrong on this one, but if you scroll back to and add from a guy called,"Chemi st city" or something like that you'll see a "Denney" vouching for a Cameroon seller. I will look and see if I can link it, but it seems a guy with the SAME NAME was vouching for another Seller. Anyway, I'd be very careful on this one. South  (Aug 12, 2012 | post #4)

Lol! Smokin... We got a LIVE ONE!!! Punker....(scam!)

So this kid won't stop emailing me with just really. REALLY Silly teenage BS!!(and if you respond here punker I won't acknowledge it.) anyway... So last night the kid sends me a great email offering 8 100(mcg) patches plus 5 In a box. So count them... That's 13 correct? Well... I decide to put him through the ringer and see if a "turd" floats to the top. Guess what? This teenager fails on ALLLL ACCOUNTS! First he wants $150 for FIVE 100 MCG PATCHES! That's just silly to start off with. So I give the boy the benefit of the doubt... Then I start the "slow play".... Tell him that I am going to do some research and get back to him the next day. He then emails me back and says," Ok.... Well.... I have FIVE OTHER PEOPLE WAITING TO BUY, so don't take long." LMAO! The typical scammer reply! So I tell him that's GREAT FOR HIM! Please don't hold up a sale because of me! Take the money my man!!!! And here is the kicker!! Just like a bee to honey the boy says," no problem.... Their NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! And wait for it!........ He then says," I GOT 18 OF THEM!!!" LOL! Dude I'm NOT KIDDING! He said 18!!! Hahahahaaa! Uh... Didn't he JUST SAY IN PARAGRAPH ONE HE ONLY HAD 13? I guess it's "Fuzzy Math"? President Bush style!!! I couldn't make this shite up!!! Now... Skip to today! I try and let the little boy down easy! Even bring some crayons and picture book for him to take home as a parting gift, which we give to all the "wayward " boys that try to play with the Grown Ups! Lol! So he has the audacity to ask me this...,"uh.. . You still want these....BRO? " WTF? You mean the 8+5 that was thirteen? Or the 18 you came across less than an hour later? Serious smokin! This is straight from the email! So I wasn't going to come back here and post his scam! I figured ah.... He's just trying to support a drug habit that will cause withdrawls if he can't bring in the pennies to buy more. However... He has sent MULTIPLE emails that I keep deleting. With just plain juvenile words like calling mea "Hick"! Dumb! here is the truth folks as I see it! The little boy has NO PATCHES FOR SALE! And if he did he has to have stolen them from Mommy or Daddy, because he is pitching the biggest "fit" I haven't seen here since a Seller named C Spender!(and it could well be him!) he is sending these emails throwing out racial slurs to the tenth degree! Which just REALLY makes me think "legit"! Lol! I'm just hoping his Daddy gets home and wears his arse out for getting Peanut Butter on the laptop! So folks here's another one! This kid xxxpunkerxxx has no patches! He can't even decide on a fake number he has available! DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THIS "punk".. . Uh.."ER" ? Lol! He can't be more than 15! His anger towards me not sending him money just sounds like a bunch of crying and temper tantrums! So please don't try and talk to this boy! He will do nothing but take your money... Or call you racially insensitive names! And punk! You might as well stop the emails! I've got them All scheduled to go straight to trash! Won't even get them! And I won't respond here either! And by the way... You called smokin a "scammer "? Well.. I told you I only found two legits out of 30 sellers..... smokin was number 2! Bought 4 patches from home and got them in three days! So please... Go with Mommy to get your "BackTo School" Lunchbox and Elmer's Glue! You'll need the glue to close those lips up permenantly!!  (Aug 7, 2012 | post #1)

Come on xxxpunkerxxxxx!!!

Hey guys! No I haven't forgotten about you smokin! I have been occupied.( no thanks to my own wishes!) long story! But I can't use my computer at home. I agreed to certain conditions with my Doc. If I mess up I am relieved of making my own decisions about where I spend the. Ext 12 mos.! Lol! And it's not jail! Anyhow I just can't risk calling you over the phone. So I hope yOur doing well? I take it your no longer in the selling biz? Sounds like your Doc is trying to catch up to you eh? Lol! So pot any questions you have to me here! And to Death no Tech. I got your email and emailed you back. So let me know if yOu have any thoughts to benefit us both? Sorry but I am no longer sending out free money to scammers. And this is nothing personal towards you! We may work something out that will work. And I'm not calling you a scammer! I just mean that I'm taking no more chances without some compromising first. Look forward to speaking with you!! South!  (Aug 7, 2012 | post #5)

Duragesic 100mcg patches and 1600mcg Actiq pops for sale

Lol! You are exactly right! And DATS WHAT HE WILL DO! That M F'et is going to scam the first "schill" that comes his way! Don't send Nr "Steales " any money!!! He has zilch patch wise! So don't send him anything!!! South  (Aug 6, 2012 | post #6)

Come on xxxpunkerxxxxx!!!

Alright Fellers.... So I have a "possible " order up for punker321!! Seems like a cool Kat! Pricing is scarey low, but if anyone can find patches that cheap its a win-win! So I got some research to do here on my friend!! Will update with how the order went down(if I do order.) If anyone else has purchased for my man "punker" , speak now and help ole Soutb out! This is just part of my research! ANYONE? Thanks!! South!  (Aug 6, 2012 | post #2)

Come on xxxpunkerxxxxx!!!

Tme to test legitimacy!!!! Will South actually get some patches from "punker" ? No one yet has been legit! Tomsimmonz(no show)! Therealjameson(sca mmer)! OldskoolMusic (def scammer)! Now I'm looking into the abyss at punker. Let's see if you can get right with "GOD"! That God being South! I'm am the Grandaddy of Topix!(get 5-6 emails a day from the newbies)! What do they want??? LEGITIMACY! The truth! They say it will "Set you FREE"..... But here it will make you cash!!! Cold. Hard. CASH!!! So what do you say punker...? Step into the ring!!! IT'S SHOWTIME!!!! South!!  (Aug 6, 2012 | post #1)

Alright guys DO NOT SEND MONEY to "Therealjamesonax'!

Well... To start off DON'T BUY HERE! Just no refutable people here! I've been ripped off time after time! And the scammers are getting better and better. They now prey off of your emotions. They talk about how bad scammers are! That "they" can't stand to see people in pain suffer...etc.! Go to the Silk Road Market if your dead set on getting them! U pay a high price for them, but your garunteed to get your product! But not here! Just no honest good guys in the Selling side! No one here is legit!!  (Aug 6, 2012 | post #4)

Alright "Feller's" I got an order in with "OldskoolMusic"...

Don't know yet...pricing is about right and he didn't offer free shipping. So I'm "nervously " optimistic!! Will update everybody when he sends me the tracking number sometime this mornIng. If it goes...well... SOUTH(no pun intended), I will put all I got into a new post. This is my last try here. Old school was vouched for by someone who's been here a while.... So lets see what happens Fellers.. Oh.. And "Fellerette's "!!!  (Aug 4, 2012 | post #1)

Alright guys DO NOT SEND MONEY to "Therealjamesonax'!

I have a feeling that this joke is one of the same old sorry arsed scammed that hit over and over! He has nothing for sale, but he has taken money over and over! Don believe ANYTHING this guy says! I've had it with this place!!! I wont buy one more patch from this place!! Silk Road might be expensive but atleast I get what I pay for! Jameson...don't know how r when but this scamming crap is gonna come back to bite you I the ass!  (Jul 28, 2012 | post #1)

REAL USA seLLer Fentanyl 50mcg Watson GeL patches =0)=0)=...

DO NOT SEND THIS GUY MONEY!!! He scammed the crap out of me! $230.00. He will rob you! Take my advice guys! Where are my patches Mother F'er! Should have known better than believe all these people vouching for him! STAY AWAY! Don't know how or when but you'll get the SHITE beat out of you someday! Everyone knows I've been here a long time and this guy is a flat out Scam!! Don't do it guys! He's a worthless terd in the grass! Enjoy that money boy...! Hope you get ass cancer!!! FREAKIN SCAMMER!  (Jul 28, 2012 | post #28)

any one been scammed by [email protected]

He is a huge scammER and would never let you hold the money until you get your patches. I believe all his feedback was from him. Bit it's burned a good many people already! Don't become the next mark. Trust me. He is not selling anything no matter how much he say he is!keep your money..  (Jul 27, 2012 | post #3)

REAL USA seLLer Fentanyl 50mcg Watson GeL patches =0)=0)=...

Hey man! Are yOu going to get restock again? Or was this just getting Rid of extras? Thanks  (Jul 26, 2012 | post #26)