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Jan 8, 2008

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Astronomers discover first rocky planet outside our solar...

There's a bar in Florida called Planet Hard Rock. The place was hot, with no intelligent life there either.  (Sep 22, 2009 | post #25)

Family holds out hope for hikers detained in Iran

Out of all the great places on the planet to hike, these boneheads chose the border of Iran. Not smart. Ahmadinejad will eventually figure out that they are not worth keeping and will send them back.  (Sep 22, 2009 | post #2)

Obama wants to take away your scooter

Here's the truth. Obama is trying to reform they way Medicare purchases scooters. Special interest groups make thousands of dollars in profits on EACH scooter they provide through Medicare. Just look at all the advertising on TV. It's a huge business. These guys will fight hard to keep the fixed payment system. They could lose billions and save the taxpayer if the had to compete with each other.  (Sep 21, 2009 | post #7)

Euro farmers dump milk to protest price slump

Milk is no big deal. Want to see a Frenchman cry? Dump 100,000 liters of wine!  (Sep 18, 2009 | post #1)

Church prank has New Milford congregation seeing pink

Many in my part of town see pink elephants on the lawn in the morning placed there by a stealthy Captain Morgan. Flamingos are probably do less damage to the lawn.  (Sep 17, 2009 | post #9)

Two charged in cheating scam at casino

I enjoy pai gow with a dash of soy sauce and a small order of pork fried rice!  (Sep 14, 2009 | post #5)

Long Island Sound license plate program raided

Silly people! They need to be dishonest. No one is going to pay $100 for "Save the Bloated Bureaucracy" special plates.... other than perhaps Jody.  (Sep 14, 2009 | post #18)

More than 2,000 citations given over holiday weekend

Translation: "I wish all of you white people leave us alone. We have the same rights as you. You should all go back to Europe was you came from. The U.S. has problems because of you." Response: We all have rights. When the rights that you demand negatively impact someone else's rights, you will have problems. We welcome only those who come here legally, follow laws, pay their share of taxes, drive with a license and insurance and respect our laws, culture and customs. If you don't like it, you have the right to take the next flight south.  (Sep 8, 2009 | post #4)

Meeker's Hardware to close for a five-month renovation

I hope Meeker's survives because I can't stand Home Despot or BLowes home centers. There's nothing worse than having a robot cashier tell you "unexpected item in bagging area" when there's nothing there. I was tempted to use the hammer that I was purchasing to "adjust" the self checkout kiosk.  (Sep 8, 2009 | post #1)

Stew's changes offerings with hard times

Stew's on a Saturday is hazardous to your health. I got knocked over by a 300 pound woman making a bee line for free pigs in a blanket samples. I still have the hoof prints on my back.  (Apr 17, 2009 | post #68)

Historical Properties Commission in the works for Danbury

We need a Hysterical Properties Commission. We have lots of funny looking houses and condos in Danbury. We need to recognize the most bizarre with summons from UNIT.  (Apr 17, 2009 | post #5)

Only five state residents, one from Redding, contribute t...

I want to be the 6th person to donate to Dodd. I want to donate a one way ticket to send him to Outer Mongolia. Coach class. Bring your own sandwich Chris.  (Apr 17, 2009 | post #10)

Thousands statewide take part in Tea Party events

I suspect that Lipton or Tetley quietly started this nationwide movement. If so, it was a brilliant stealth strategy that will pay off big time for them.  (Apr 15, 2009 | post #3)

Marcus Dairy shopping center in holding pattern in Danbury

Mr. Marcus came to his senses. Many stores in the Not-So-Fair Mall have gone under or look like ghost towns. They cover over the empty stores with giant pictures of happy shoppers and signs promising exciting new purveyors of overpriced Chinese made **** . Watch for more to go belly up soon.  (Apr 14, 2009 | post #5)

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