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Oct 23, 2012

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the caribbean arrives in derby with old jamaica can you b...

Summer arrives in Derby this weekend as Old Jamaica descends on Westfield Derby to bring a taste of the Caribbean, and the chance for shoppers to win one of thousands of prizes. From Saturday 4 May to Monday 6 May, daring shoppers have the chance to get their hands on a host of goodies. All they have to do is step inside a huge Old Jamaica Ginger Beer can and take on the Giant Ginger Bubble Grabber. Everyone who enters will be given 30 seconds to collect as many bubbles as possible which will then be exchanged for an instant prize* – the more collected, the better the prize: • Bubbling away with 0-9 ginger bubbles will win a keyring • Get fizzy with 10-13 bubbles and collect a swanky T-shirt • A poptastic 14+ ginger bubbles will be rewarded with a Man v. Food can cooler and a pack of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer To add to the excitement, there will be a dedicated games area where people of all ages can take a break from shopping and get involved with some old-school games, including hoopla and can-knock-down, with instant prizes available. Everyone will also be able to get their hands on free samples of both original and light Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, to experience the full-on flavour for themselves. Heather Jones, from Old Jamaica, says: “We are taking our Giant Ginger Bubble Grabber across the UK this summer and we can’t wait to fire it up to see how the people of Derby get on. The event is set to be extremely popular, and a lot of fun. I’d encourage everyone to come down, grab a can of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, and take on one of our challenges to see what it’s all about.” From May 1st, Old Jamaica is sponsoring the successful food reality TV series Man v. Food Nation and will launch a fantastic prize draw on its facebook page ( amaica) to win a trip to New York City, plus a stack of other goodies. Everyone who goes online and uploads their details will have the chance to win up to five nights in a luxury 4* hotel in the Big Apple and visit a selection of restaurants as seen on Man v. Food Nation, plus $1000 spending money for good measure. There are also lots of instant win prizes up for grabs including Man v. Food Nation goodies and exclusive treats from Old Jamaica. Old Jamaica remains the most popular ginger beer in the UK**. For further information, please visit maica or oldjamaicagingerbe  (Apr 25, 2013 | post #1)


Butcher’s Pet Care launches new TV ad featuring 10 talent...

Butcher’s Pet Care is back on TV this month with a new advert for its meaty Lean & Tasty range of dog food which has less fat* and fewer calories, as well as added L-Carnitine to help dogs convert fat into energy. The 30 and 20 second ads are a humorous take on dogs’ natural behaviour, and include 10 talented dogs doing all of the things fit and healthy dogs do, such as jumping, running, more jumping, digging and oh yes more jumping! The shoot took four days and was filmed in two locations, Banbury in Oxfordshire and a London studio. The canine ‘actors’ included: Sykes, the Jack Russell who stars in the Midsummer Murders television series, Cully, the German Wire Haired Pointer, who is fantastic at jumping, jumping and more jumping and Dizzy, the Collie, who does a fabulous leap over a fence ( it took just 5 takes). Clare Scallon, from Butcher’s Pet Care, comments: “This is the first commercial in a new TV campaign which celebrates a dog’s life. It is fun and fast-paced and reminds us why we love dogs so much. The dogs involved were complete stars and their quirky personalities really shine through. It won’t be hard for people to warm to the likes of George the peek-a-booing Pug, Tristan the great licking Beagle, and Storm the Weimaraner, who must be a contender for the 100m sprint!” The dogs are the real stars of the ad but there are also important cameos of lean, mean and fit men as well as a butcher, who all help to deliver the ‘fit as a Butcher’s dog strapline’! Clare adds: “Our new range of Lean & Tasty dog food which launched in the Autumn is crammed with all the meaty goodness dogs’ love but with 30% less fat to help them lead healthy, happy, active lives.” The advert which was created by The Brooklyn Brothers will launch on the 18th March, 2013 and will be screened nationwide. The voiceover is delivered by Mark Benton, star of Waterloo Road and currently starring in Hairspray the musical, as Edna Turnblad. -ENDS- Notes to Editors: Lean & Tasty press advertising will also appear in various animal titles and online to co-incide with the TV ad’. About Lean & Tasty Butcher’s Lean & Tasty is now available in supermarkets across the country in 6 x 400g packs & as Butcher’s Choice Lean & Tasty as 4 x 150g foil trays in a number of tasty white meat based recipes. Each pack has 30 per cent less fat than standard Butcher’s and Butcher’s Choice products and are widely available in supermarkets.  (Mar 8, 2013 | post #1)


Big & Mighty dogs need a Big & Meaty meal

Butcher’s Pet Care has come to the big dog’s rescue with the launch of its latest product to hit the supermarket shelves this month: Butcher’s Big & Meaty! Big & Meaty has been specially designed by Butcher’s in-house team of dog food nutritionists to provide the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and meaty goodness to keep our big dogs as fit as a Butcher’s dog! As a nation we are besotted with our doggy best friends and with over 40% of our canine companions naturally weighing over 25kg we are clearly head over heels for big dogs too. Until now owners with a big dog have had to feed their best friends meaty products designed for smaller breeds. The only other option was to use scientifically developed dry food and top it with meaty alternatives to add flavour, texture and variety. With the launch of Big & Meaty, Butcher’s has introduced a nutritionally 100% complete meal for big and mighty dogs. The brand new Big and Meaty recipes are packed with succulent meaty pieces to satisfy the big dog’s natural hunger for meaty goodness as well as the optimum levels of calcium, phosphorous and Vitamin D to keep your dog’s bones strong for the next big adventure or mischief. Each tin of Big & Meaty is crammed full of giant chunks of meaty goodness all served up in a delicious jelly or yummy gravy to set your dog’s taste buds alight! There are two mouth watering flavours for big dogs to choose from; chicken with vegetables or chicken and veg with liver. Every big dog owner knows the importance of exercise and a healthy diet to keep their dogs healthy, strong and full of attitude; until the launch of Butcher’s Big & Meaty there was no meaty alternative to dry scientifically created food to provide the optimal mineral balance and a calorie controlled diet for big dogs. Pradip Ganguly, Head of Technical at Butcher’s Pet Care, comments: “Dog owners are demanding more nutritionally-bala nced foods packed with natural goodness to meet the needs of their best friend, and for large breeds in particular, it’s really important that their diet provides everything they need to keep them fit, strong and active. “With the launch of Big & Meaty, we are now able to offer the right balance of vitamins and minerals in a canned dog food that until now could only be found in dry dog food, plus it comes with all the meaty goodness of Butcher’s that dogs can’t get enough of.” Big & Meaty 1200g tins are currently available in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons across the UK. RRP £1.59.  (Oct 23, 2012 | post #1)