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Apr 6, 2013

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Why do Australian men like asian women so much

We all live in the earth! We all no difference. We all human!  (Apr 7, 2013 | post #670)

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Purchase oversea become easier and safer!

International online shopping has come of age. It's no longer a fringe practice, mostly engaged in by people looking for obscure items that are hard to obtain in Australia. It is now a mainstream alternative to domestic online and bricks and mortar shopping. People are talking about it and doing it in increasing numbers. The media, mainstream vendors and regulators are all taking more notice of it's potential as an emerging trend. The benefits can be dramatic, but it's not without it's drawbacks. Benefits Cost – many products are cheaper, some considerably so. Range – often overseas retailers carry stock that isn't Available in Australia. Delivery – this is counterintuitive, but sometimes international shipping can be quicker or cheaper than domestic shipping. The reverse is also often true so this is only an advantage with some items. Drawbacks Warranty – overseas purchases may not be covered by warranty or may have warranty terms and conditions that are less favorable than comparable products purchased in Australia. For example, the warranty period could be shorter or you may have to return the item to the vendor at your expense. Product specifications – products purchased overseas may be different to Australian products even when the make and model are the same. Examples include power supplies, chargers, gas fittings, region coding, etc. These differences may make the product unusable here or may mean additional cost for adapters or conversion. Consumer laws – vary from country to country, you may not have the same level of statutory protections when purchasing from overseas. Standards – products offered for sale overseas may not comply to Australian standards and in some cases may not be legal to own or use here. Counterfeits and imitations – are more prevalent in some countries and you may run the risk that the item you buy is not genuine and is of a lessor quality. Counterfeit items may be seized by customs at the border and importers may face prosecution. Hidden costs – shipping forwarders, international shipping, currency exchange, insurance, taxes and import charges etc may eat up any savings you make. Delivery – is often slower or more expensive, particularly if your purchase is held up by customs. Marketing – products can be marketed with different brand and model names in different countries making it more difficult to do research and comparisons. Sizing – ensuring products like shoes and clothing are the right size can be more difficult when purchasing online. This is particularly so if you aren't familiar with the sizing used in the country of origin. Other factors – see purchasing_oversea s. Duties and taxes Generally, there is no requirement to pay duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) on imported goods valued at or below A$1000, except for alcohol and/or tobacco products – see customs_duties Prohibited and restricted imports Some items are illegal to import or can only be imported with permit – see import restrictions. Attempts to import these goods may result in seizure and/or prosecution. Stores that ship to Australia Stores that ship directly to Australia provide the easiest way to purchase goods from overseas. Be aware that there can be significant differences in shipping costs and some stores have restrictions on which items they will ship to Australia. http://www.bulltao your reliable and trustable Aussie Taobao agent  (Apr 6, 2013 | post #1)