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Jan 26, 2013

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Kermit, TX

Kermit Police Officer Injured During Shootout 1/24/13

Funny how hes justified...when no one even knows the truth of the events except witnesses that say hes not justified. No one let Chad out...he served his time. He has changed. Some do n some dont. Thats just the way things work!  (Jan 30, 2013 | post #7)

Kermit, TX

Winkler County Sheriff and County Attorney Arrested in Ke...

Anyone know who the attorneys for the nurses were? My brother Nicholas Chad Weaver of Kermit is the gunshot victim who was airlifted to Lubbock due to an altercation that seems to be police brutality and retaliation from a new officer Donnie Jowers, formerly let go from Monahans PD for some pretty interesting accusations....? I sincerely appreciate the assistance! Thank You!  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #10)

Kermit, TX

Kermit Police Officer Injured During Shootout 1/24/13

It has been told that Officer Jowers was a loose cannon; a hot head. This just confirms it with what has been told in Monahans. If there is any way to find documentation like a newspaper or clipping of the accusations, they would be so helpful. My address is P.O. Box 163, Wink, Texas 79789....please send me anything you may have!!!! I do not know of the officer at all, other than he was young and is new to Kermit PD. The important thing is that he was not shot and is okay. My mom got a threatening call from a Lubbock officer that night saying she was harassing the Kermit and Lubbock Hospital staff and that they called in on her and she would be arrested if she made any more calls. When she asked if she could go see Chad he told her no or she'd be arrested... she is his next of kin since he is not married and his children are all under age. Not to mention she was instructed by local PD and County Sheriff as well as Texas Ranger that she could call and get any info that the hospitals may release. Every time my mother was in contact with any staff at Kermit Hospital an officer of different ranks escorted her to them and directed her to ask her questions of concern…. How is that harassment? By law lets get technical…law enforcement instructed her to do so…and she is next of kin…and…let’s not forget there were 5 adult witnesses there with her in the same room when she made only 1 call to Kermit Hospital and only 1 call to Lubbock…of course in Lubbock she was transferred around the world until a nurse said she’d call her once he came out of surgery. The only call she got was from the Lubbock Officer threatening to lock her up. As far as at the hospital, there were my parents, my 2 brothers and their wives, my 2 nephews, my 2 oldest sons, myself, and at least 1 official… every time there was contact with officials and staff. Thank you to those who blow things out of proportion and make things difficult on a worried sick parent. Thank you to Mrs. Linda Dutton, a friend and wife of Kermit Chief of Police, because she informed me that she was the nurse who spoke to my mother at Kermit Hospital and never called on her... That confirms the fact that whoever called from Lubbock was not calling and making threats because it was in his duty or necessary even. He acted out of character and responsibility as a peace officer. Shame on him! Texas Ranger Bleeding has confirmed Chad went through surgery well and was still sedated. As of now this is all of the info that we have on Chad and these absurd situations. I had attempted to contact the Texas Rangers with my info and have received reassuring information from detective Breeding that they will handle this case with the utmost integrity for the truth. Please keep the prayers coming...not for the things of this life that we want, but for the truth to ring out and justice to be served, to protect the innocent...whoever they may be. Please keep the prayers coming in, my parents are really hurting! God bless you all!  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #3)

Kermit, TX

Kermit Police Officer Injured During Shootout 1/24/13

I, Sonya Ramirez, got the call that I needed to get to the hospital, our brother Nicholas Chad Weaver, born May 17, 1981, was shot and in the hospital. Chad is the son of Sonny and Dian Weaver, of Kermit, and brother of Sonya Ramirez, of Wink, and Jory Burch and Yancy Burch, both of Kermit. Chad has two other siblings living out of state. Chad was pulled over, and his fiancé Lisa Williams approached out of concern, a fight broke out with Officer Donnie Jowers, of Monahans. The officer shot Chad in the arm... the bullet cleared through but hit a main artery and Chad lost enough blood that he was given more as well as medicated highly and intubated, per officers, at the Kermit/ Winkler County Hospital, and was later airlifted to UMC Hospital in Lubbock after he was stable. He will be retained in a custody area of the facility in CCU that is for suspects. The officer was not shot but sustained superficial injuries from the fight as far as other officers stated. Officer did attempt to assist Chad due to his gunshot wound and bleeding and someone called authorities out to help as well as stating there was an officer shot and down on the scanner! Texas Rangers will be investigating since it was local officer involved. That is all we know after speaking to local and state law enforcement on factual evidence. The entire thing is still pending an investigation by Texas Rangers and other info was simply speculation. Enforcement stated that local, Kermit PD nor County Sheriff’s Office will be involved in the investigation. Chad himself cannot have visitors or calls. As far as stories...eye witnesses on many news stations have come forwar. Chad’s fiancé was arrested but only for interrupting the officer as he was pursuing his traffic stop with Chad. Please see the video from NewsWest9 @ 10p.m. the night of 1/24/2013 for one of the eye witness's story. If Chad is responsible for what has happened I have no doubt it will be handled in the justice system, however, if he is not responsible and only acted in self defense, then he could face serious lifetime charges that only God can fix without proof. I need to know for my family that he is innocent or not, so that we can help him if we can.  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #2)

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