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Informant In True Crime Drama Narc

Zac Efron To Become An Informant In True Crime Drama Narc [b][url=http://iro nman3blog.tumblr.c om/]Watch Iron Man 3 Online[/url][/b] “We could not have asked for a better addition to our team. As a leading model and mainstay in the fashion industry, Erin’s unapologetic approach to fashion and free-spirited style will give the Styled to Rock designers invaluable insight.” Wasson isn’t the only fashion-oriented individual signed on to Styled to Rock. Just a few days ago, musician and fashion designer Pharrell Williams also signed on to the new series as a mentor. While the current two mentors don’t have much in common, they have both designed collections in the past and should be able to bring some fashion expertise to the program. Three mentors are expected to be used in Season 1 of Style Network's series, and we’ll let you know if any other famous faces sign on. The Newsroom’s newest trailer is a slow motion affair, giving us some behind-the-scenes looks at shooting the drama, which is amusing, as the video shows shots of the crew shooting a crew of actors who are shooting the news. The series’ big strength is that its audience always feels as if it is getting a behind-the-scenes. [b][url=http://wat chstartrekintodark nessonline6.wordpr]Watch Star Trek into Darkness Online[/url][/b] As we watch this trio of siblings and one random guy compete for the cash prize, we get to know a little bit about their history, which for Foley's Henry, involves a falling out with a woman named Lucinda, who's now a minister. We also get to know April (Melissa Tang), Benjamin's assistant, who was once friends with Newton's Chloe, back when they were kids. And Miller's Jimmy has a child he's trying to be there for. So there are some personal issues for each character that need to be resolved, and that adds to the story, beyond this quest for the inheritance. [b][url=http://vij aybhakuni007.wix.c om/watchoblivionon line]Watch Oblivion Online[/url][/b] The pilot makes good use of its cast, and the story is set up nicely. But as I mentioned, it's not very funny. There's an opportunity for a bit of dark humor here, particularly with Bridges' character, since he's talking to his kids via video tape, but the show doesn't seem interested in taking that approach. And while we get a sense that the Goodwin siblings are decent but somewhat flawed characters, there's nothing especially funny about any of them. At best, they're likable. [b][url=http://wat chironman3onlineno]W atch Iron Man 3 Online[/url][/b] Looking at it optimistically, The Goodwin Games has the potential to grow on us as we get to see the characters develop and the story progress. Fox only showed us the first episode though, so I can't say if things get any better from here. What it comes down to is that The Goodwin Games isn't bad. It's actually pretty sweet in a family-focused sort of way. It's just not very funny, which leaves me sort of indifferent. Given the cast and writers, my hopes were high, so that's disappointing. Style’s upcoming series, Styled to Rock, has added another big name to its cast. The reality competition series has signed on a lady in the second mentoring slot, and this time, the mentor won’t be a music maker. Instead, Styled to Rock has signed on Erin Wasson, a model and actress who has appeared in numerous fashion spreads, as well in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Rihanna is executive producing the brand new series, which will follow 12 designers facing off in a competitive format. Over the course of 10 episodes, the designers will compete in challenges to style A-List talent for events. The celebrity guest each week will choose the winner, but it will be up to the mentors to work with the remaining contestants to determine who fell short, and who will be packing their needles and going home. According to a press release, network President Salaam Coleman Smith is delighted to have signed on Wasson.  (May 21, 2013 | post #1)


Asa Butterfield Are Suited

Harrison Ford And Asa Butterfield Are Suited Up In Ender's Game Promotional Photo [b][url=http://www .watchthehangover3]Watch The Hangover Part 3 Online[/url][/b] The Goodwin Games comes from Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (How I Met Your Mother), as well as Chris Harris, and stars Scott Foley (Scandal), Becki Newton (Ugly Betty) and T.J. Miller (Cloverfield) as three siblings who have gone their separate ways in their adulthood. They return to their small New Hampshire town when they learn that their father, Benjamin Goodwin (guest star Beau Bridges) has died. None of them knew that he was worth millions and he's decided to use that money as motivation to get his kids back on speaking terms with one another. Using video to speak with them from beyond the grave, Dad has the kids engage in a custom-made game of Trivial Pursuit, which prompts numerous flashbacks of their youth. It seems dear old Dad has a history of forcing his kids to use their brains to get what they want. He also has a history of pitting them against one another, offering one prize and setting the three of them to compete for it. [b][url=http://wat chstartrek2online0]W atch Star Trek into Darkness Online[/url][/b] You can learn more about the network connectivity and social integration into services and online features provided by EA Sports and Microsoft's Xbox One by visiting the official website. [b][url=http://wat chironman3onlineno]W atch Iron Man 3 Online[/url][/b] “We believe a scripted series that offers an insightful behind-the-scenes view of how a reality concept comes together — especially when things don’t go according to plan — will connect with our audience in a very satisfying way.” So, the idea that a reality television show would mess up and leave contestants to fend for themselves in the wild is pretty ludicrous, but no more ludicrous than the idea of a young girl seeking revenge and mucking up the lives of rich people or, alternatively, a set of amulets holding the key to why the power has been turned off. There’s a lot of wild stuff on television, and Siberia may very well fit right in. The one-hour thriller will premiere on Monday, July 1 at 10 p.m. ET. Each season, the men and women of Ice Road Truckers battle the elements to bring supplies across frozen lakes and sometimes hard, snow-covered ground. The team finished out Season 6 last fall, but The History Channel announced on Monday that the truckers will be returning for a brand new season, and the series will begin airing new episodes sooner than you might think. [b][url=http://wat chstartrek2online0]W atch Star Trek 2 Online[/url][/b] Ice Road Truckers will return to the schedule on June 9. The season will follow two different trucking companies that are competing for contracts; each hope to put the other out of business through the season. Interestingly, after a year off, driver Lisa Kelly is expected to return to the series and will shake things up when she chooses which of the two trucking companies to drive for. The reason there seems to be two companies is because Hugh Rowland quit Polar Industries to start his own company, bringing some of the guys with him. There should be more than enough contracts to go around in Manitoba, but it doesn’t seem like the big fish (Polar Industries) wants the little fish to thrive. Overall, if you like the series, it sounds like the stakes will be a little different this season, but still compelling. Ice Road Truckers is executive produced by Thom Beers, Philip D. Segal, Jeff  (May 21, 2013 | post #1)


Dennis Lehane To Pen Travis McGee

Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Dennis Lehane To Pen Travis McGee [b][url=http://wat chstartrek2online0]W atch Star Trek into Darkness Online[/url][/b] Today DICE confirmed what everyone already suspected: Battlefield 4 will be arriving on Xbox One and PS4 in addition to the current-gen systems and the PC. The military shooter will be debuting in October.DICE says the game will hit the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 29th. They don't say whether date will apply to the PS4 and XB1, though. Maybe that's because Sony and Microsoft haven't provided concrete release dates for their new consoles. They've merely confirmed that their consoles are coming later this year. [b][url=http://wat chironman3onlineno]Wa tch Iron Man 3 Online[/url][/b] Pre-ordering BF4 on any platform will provide players with access to the China Rising expansion pack. This expansion introduces four multiplayer maps set throughout the Chinese mainland. It also includes new gear and vehicles for players to utilize. PC games also have the optional of pre-ordering a Digital Deluxe version, which includes beta access and bonus items in addition to China Rising. [b][url=http://wat chstartrekintodark nessonline6.blogsp]Watch Star Trek into Darkness Online[/url][/b] BF4 takes place in the year 2020. Players take on the role of Tombstone Squad, a group of US Special Forces. The campaign, previewed in the first gameplay video, chronicles their journey home after a mission in Shanghai.EA Sports has announced that they will have exclusive content available on Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One home entertainment media device. The games for the console will include long running titles such as Madden NFL, their NBA titles as well as their newly acquired UFC license, featuring caged fights from the biggest MMA promotion in North America. This also follows closely on the heels of EA acknowledging that FIFA 14 would be available on the Xbox One. [b][url=http://wat chstartrek2online0]W atch Star Trek 2 Online[/url][/b] Electronic Arts has positioned themselves to take full advantage of Microsoft's next-generation media device, leveraging themselves next to the Xbox One's social media and network connectivity functions. This means that it's easier than ever to get into the games you want to play, share your content with friends, family members or rivals, as well as engage in the latest discussions and watch the latest media from EA Sports titles all at the convenience of the Windows 8 powered Xbox One operating system. This news comes shortly after Electronic Arts has announced that they are not supporting the Wii U with their sports titles this year and FIFA 14 will not be available on Nintendo's home console, neither will Madden NFL 14 or any NBA titles. If you want your sports fix you'll have to buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. If you're looking for something to interact with friends, Skype, chat, socialize and integrate your life into a network of tablet-style media hubs and voice activated content thanks to Kinect, then the Xbox One is probably going to be your top choice as a new generation home media device. You can access all the streaming and casual content you desire without even having to touch a button.  (May 21, 2013 | post #1)