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Nov 17, 2010

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The All New Heelys Nano

Hi! I wanted to share some info about the all-new Nano by Heelys, producers of wheeled footwear! It’s an awesome new inline footboard that straps to one foot, keeping your rear foot free to build momentum as you jump, grind, tumble and vault over different landscapes. Early adopters that tested out the Nano combined movements similar to skateboarding and free running to create an all new sport they started calling freeboarding! Because no two people use Nano the same way, it lets you tackle your environment as creatively as possible To learn more about Nano, visit our social media release. Also, check out this sweet video to see how Nano can help you move! .com/watch?v=Qw3Fv ...layer_embedded What do you guys think of the Nano board? What sort of tricks do you want to use it for? Note: Don’t forget proper use of safety padding when using Nano! Heelys highly recommends the use of safety padding/gear when wheels are in the shoe.  (Dec 2, 2010 | post #1)