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Sep 25, 2010

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<3Vincent Here <3


The Land Of Ooooo


Teh Deep Dark Alley

Local Favorites:

Nothing really Mathis is a real kewl laid back place but at the end of october im out :D

I Belong To:

God my creator and Jesus my Saviour also youtube <3 lmao :D

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm busy working as a Foster parent for abused, sick , or infant animals :D

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Ya Don't Have tooo

I'm Listening To:

Laharl's Hymn

Read This Book:

Anime Yaoi

Favorite Things:

Anime Yaoi and Religion

On My Mind:

Tralalalala <3

Blog / Website / Homepage:

www. best Yaoi website :3

I Believe In:

Freedom and not Judging people like Homosexuals and people of different races some people need to get the 10 foot pole outta there asses and eat some HUMBLE pie :3