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Sep 9, 2007

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Free your mind


Ponchatoula, LA

Local Favorites:

All the antique shops, art galleries, 360, Cafe du Monde, Copeland's, La Carreta's, Brunet's, Tope La, Albasha, Sister's Cafe, etc.

I Belong To:

the US citizenry.

When I'm Not on Topix:

Ummm....I'm not here.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

...they are there.

I'm Listening To:

A myriad of genres

Read This Book:

The Camp of the Saints, A Brief History of Time, The Outline of History, eveything by Thomas Paine and Elaine Pagels,

Favorite Things:

Nature, Reading to gain knowledge, Art, Music, etc.

On My Mind:

The corruption of our government and its officials.

I Believe In:

...justice and liberty for all of our citizens.