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May 12, 2013

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black america accepts slave ancestor why can't Bantu?

We're all the same, somali people have the same tendencies, violent behavior and many other behavioral attributes that strongly parallels African Americans both good and bad. I cannot say the same thing about Ethiopians whom i find to be mild mannered and soft spoken (generally speaking) Somalis are very clever people and have better entrepreneurial spirit than the African American and this is will documented. Culturally speaking the somali and the AA are close in that they favor entertainment/spor t and dance rejecting or not appreciating education. I can give you many examples but I'm in agreement that I also do not understand why any somali would reject a 'negro' as a parasite when we embody more or same of the attributes.  (Sep 24, 2014 | post #4)

Caadan girls dancing to somali music

This is why i love caadan women, they're incredible.. just pure perfection. https://www.youtub 3tw6LgU#t=39  (Sep 21, 2014 | post #1)

Blacks ruin everything!!!

Most somalis walk around with this sense of superiority but you're 100% correct in saying we even dislike one another by qabiil or simply because........... .................. .......... just look at the topics on this forum, people always talk about this forum and how somalis act  (Sep 19, 2014 | post #13)

future jobs in somalia

hahahahahahahahaha hahaha walal somalia will be just like the rest of muslim countries; poor, terrorism, violence, death, rape etc etc. if you become a civil engineer, stay where you are or move to germany they have the best economy in europe.  (Sep 16, 2014 | post #2)

Blacks ruin everything!!!

somalis are black and the most hated kind of blacks too  (Sep 16, 2014 | post #5)

i love my people

Your people??? Go back to Somalia and see how long you live there lol my people culahaa Your people have been killing one another for 22 years now without any mercy  (Sep 13, 2014 | post #23)

Why do you hate jareer people so much?

Jareers and somali are the same. Same personality, same attitude you can't tell the difference  (Sep 13, 2014 | post #38)

Let us MOURN this young girl .. Only 26 and shot dead.. smh

Summary: 1: 6 deaths in Toronto 2: 1 in 3 somali boys drop out of school and 25% overall of Somalis in Toronto drop out of school 3: They want to set up a task force to help Somalis but now there's a battle between Somalis because half of the Somalis do not want this task force. http://globalnews. ca/news/1292253/mu rdered-somali-yout h-motivated-group- to-launch-educatio nal-task-force/ http://www.thestar .com/yourtoronto/e ducation/2014/01/2 2/torontos_somalis _split_on_offer_of _extra_help_in_sch ool_task_force.htm l http://www.thestar .com/news/gta/2014 /04/24/somali_comm unity_split_over_t ask_force_recommen dations.html  (Aug 28, 2014 | post #7)

Let us MOURN this young girl .. Only 26 and shot dead.. smh

Here you go, quick and this is what i pulled (i'm shocked by this) http://www.calgary ssing+person+case+ turns+into+murder+ investigation/9783 912/story.html http://www.theglob national/why-so-ma ny-somali-canadian s-who-go-west-end- up-dead/article436 5992/?page=all http://www.thestar .com/news/crime/20 10/04/24/somali_ma n_from_toronto_kil led_in_alberta_cit y.html http://www.edmonto 3/mans-slaying-dea th-a-tragic-loss-e dmontons-somalian- community Everywhere in the diaspora there are terrible tragedies like this. I couldn't tell you why we're so different from ethio-eris and why we're the ones always in trouble one way or another.  (Aug 28, 2014 | post #4)

Let us MOURN this young girl .. Only 26 and shot dead.. smh

http://www.theglob national/calgary-s hooting-victim-was -an-innocent-bysta nder-police-say/ar ticle20202376/  (Aug 27, 2014 | post #1)

many islamic states now coz of Us terrorism

Good to know there are more of us out there. All the best.  (Aug 25, 2014 | post #6)

Intercultural Couple - A Story about a Somali-Polish Love

She gave birth to 6 children, go find me a woman who looks like a model after 6 children you troll  (Aug 25, 2014 | post #8)

somalis help! She's the perfect woman, is she using me?

lol you may fool these masaqeen but not me, you are a GUY. Deep down you want to make sweet love with her but you know the only way you can is to marry her because she's a somali girl. This is not a reason to marry someone this is why we have a high divorce rates. if you'd said you love her because her personality or things you have in common that's one thing but you sound like every guy i know :) just be honest and realize your nature.  (Aug 24, 2014 | post #8)