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Jul 4, 2013

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Japan needs South Kyril Islands badly.... for new Fukushi...

I was really worried to learn the nuclear power lobby in Tokyo sees South Kyril Islands as just a suitable place to construct a nuclear power station in future (in case Russia gives it back to us)! I thought Fukushima disaster was the end of nuclear era for Japan. The shock was so great for all of us you know! Even some far away countries like Germany for instance got really alarmed and they made some steps to close nuclear facilities on their land. Naturally, I thought this would be the case with Japan too. Alas! Our nuclear bosses are persistent with their effort to talk Tokyo into the project and they mean the same damned type of reactor that went so awfully wrong at Fukushima!! That's beyond my understanding just! I think we really need South Kyril Islands as ecologically friendly environment to construct our houses and raise our children. Least we want there is Fukushima like nuclear facility able to explode at any moment and destroy our houses and kill our kids!! If South Kyril Islands are for this purpose we don't need them at all!  (Jul 4, 2013 | post #1)