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Jan 20, 2008

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El Paso Times

El Paso economy's growth outpaces most cities

Taxpayer funded growth is not a good business plan nor a good indicator of true growth. Private businesses are the true market indicators. Increased troops and increased government hiring is not the answer for ELP.  (Jun 22, 2011 | post #1)


Hispanics Will "Live In Fear" If Sanctuary Cities Vanish

A-10 (warthog)is an airplane. They do a good job, but they don't land behind enemy lines to drop off/pick up or rescue folks. They provide firepower against enemy tanks and other artillary. I like hearing the sound of them overhead as they run their missions, but those are pilots we'll never meet on the ground. I'll take choppers and their pilots as the coolest any day.  (Jun 4, 2011 | post #607)


Hispanics Will "Live In Fear" If Sanctuary Cities Vanish

The FEDs needs to do their jobs in regards to illegal immigration; track, arrest and deport illegals regardless of family ties. As for santuary cities/towns/whatever they need to be dealt with harshly. By allowing illegals to stay you not only take away from citizens that need help, but your actions keep them down for generations.  (Jun 4, 2011 | post #605)

El Paso Times

Bullfights revival: Push to bring back old Juarez traditi...

I liked going to the bull fights growing up, but after seeing the bull fights in Spain I was disappointed in the size of the bulls in Juarez. Compared to Spain's bulls Juarez's bulls are like puppies.  (Jun 4, 2011 | post #1)

El Paso Times

Obama in El Paso to discuss 'broken immigration system'

It's easy send home all illegals and increase the number of people allowed to legally immigrate to the U.S.  (May 11, 2011 | post #232)

El Paso Times

Surety bonds: Higher $50,000 amount pits homeowner vs. bu...

I had no ideal businesses were required to have a bond. I'll be asking for a bond next time I have work done on my house. I always checked length of time in business, referrals and past work, but now I'll be looking for a documented bond.  (Apr 25, 2011 | post #12)

El Paso Times

Employment gains high for county, but wages low

Wages in ELP will always be low due to it's proximity to the border.  (Apr 20, 2011 | post #1)

El Paso Times

McDonald's restaurants holding hiring day today

If McDonalds is hiring then the economy must be picking up.  (Apr 19, 2011 | post #2)

El Paso Times

New Mexico Congressman Pearce: Protecting lizard would pu...

Save the lizard.  (Apr 19, 2011 | post #6)

El Paso Times

West Side Furr's Cafeteria closes

Been there and enjoyed going there on occassion.  (Apr 18, 2011 | post #22)

El Paso Times

Teacher hopefuls find tough job market

All those teachers looking for work should consider moving out of TX. VA DC METRO area needs teachers. As well there are many indian reservations that need teachers.  (Apr 16, 2011 | post #7)

El Paso Times

Tx Capitol Report: Study shows 10 percent of UTEP student...

So EPTIMES is censuring the forum. They locked the posts in regards to the 8 teenagers arrested selling drugs (ecstasy). Too keep this on topic, **** only 10% graduate in 4 years?  (Apr 14, 2011 | post #30)

El Paso Times

Tx Capitol Report: Study shows 10 percent of UTEP student...

This is great, finally ELPASOANS understand the importance of finishing college...oh wait the article says 10% graduate, that means 90% on still sitting on their a/ss.  (Apr 14, 2011 | post #19)

El Paso Times

8 arrested during investigation into drug sales near Fran...

How many of them were actual students?  (Apr 14, 2011 | post #6)

El Paso Times

EPISD board meeting draws more than 250

I don't mind the closing of schools and firing/layoff of personnel. It forces the administration to change their processes.  (Apr 13, 2011 | post #49)

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