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Nov 1, 2009

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Penticton, BC

SiblingS - The Elvis Jrs story filmed in Penticton on you...

John Moody has been posing as Gord Hamilton as above and Elvis Jr.. the man is an idiot.. but to add to the wonderful SiblingS story we now have found another .. Thomas A PResley .. born Feb. 2 1954 and was not told till after his mother and Elvis had both died. Thomas sang with Elvis on stage and in Studio as a teen, receiving up to $12,000 a show, filling in when Elvis fumbled or lost words, or in the end not hit the high notes. Now this Summer we will bring Elvis Jr together with Thomas A Presley to show they have same Father .. Elvis Presley and they are both part of the SiblingS.. Here Thomas sing at You Tube.. "elvisjrsinfo " growing every day. (Ignore anything with Abbotsford in address it is JOHN MOODY) Pretending to be involved.. Knows nothing about SiblingS find out more at our You Tube site.  (May 7, 2014 | post #37)

Elvis Presley

Elvis Jr has older brother.. Thomas A Presley

Elvis Presley was 19 when Belva Larkin got pregnant with Little Tommy. Elvis Knew Tommy was his boy, and settled for enough money for Belva to buy the company she worked for to not tell anyone, not even Tommy that his father was Elvis Presley. At fifteen Tommy started singing with his father, and as he got older he would with Jimmy Ellis sing the high notes and fumbled words at the end. In song "Daddy don't Cry" - You still got me.. little Tommy.. and "MY Boy" along with "PIeces of my LIFE" Elvis reached out to recognize the births. 1986 Tommy and his mother Belva where in car crash that Killed Belva and left Thomas badly broken up. Thomas was told by relatives that his father was Elvis Presley and much more than a friend of his mothers. Like Elvis Jr who I have brought to Canada 6 Times.. this summer I will be bringing Thomas, and hopefully Elvis Jr to finally do the DNA that will show they both Elvis Sons..and not alone.. still more. Lots more to come.. Thomas A Presley's songs original and covers are at elvisjrsinfo on You Tube. over 150 songs.. SiblingS are real.. some posters on here are way wrong.. We have lots to show these are the Elvis births hidden.  (May 7, 2014 | post #1)

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Jr is real

thank U MsDalton.. they only win if U go away.. we will watch over.. & make U feel comfortable.. direct your questions to Solargord.. I will be glad to answer.. Now U brought up a good point it sounds.. unreal that a mother would not talk.. so let me walk U through this.. U pretend..for a moment..U in a movie with Elvis.. everyone doing there fun.. Young growing up thing.. all the girls waiting to see who Elvis choose to be with him.. Wow..Your turn comes up.. What U going to do.. it is his movie.. a little peer preasure U too may succumbed. OK.. No big deal.. Now U find U Pregnant few months latter.. Elvis is gone.. U go to Hal Wallis Office.. with situation. He calls colonel parker.. lays down the rule.. Your puppy fix it.. Now Colonel Tom Parker comes or You go to him.. MMMmmm ? U working in movies with Elvis Presley..Young lady.. do U like that..? MMmmm OK..Do U want to hurt Elvis Presley.. or his career.. U know he not going to marrry U ..right...? MMmm.. OK.. would U like to do more movies..with Elvis & other stars.. U good.. that could happen? MMmmm Ok..what if we found a lovely family for child.. & provided U with some $$s.. eh? like..$50..100K.. (my guess here) - Now.. more work with Elvis & other stars.. cash right now..U young..pretty.. Would U take the cash..& more movies..U R 18.. ?? Now if U do take the $$s. to give up child.. U sign a note.. a "Forgivable Loan" they not New.. means.. it is a loan.. U never have to pay back..unless U say these words.. " I had an Elvis child" if U ever say that.. Well U agreee to pay back all the $$s plus interest on money U borrowed. MMmmm U where not going to tell anyone anyways right? So we have a deal.. I will look for another movie for you to be in.. Elvis appreciates U being so helpful.. sweety.. But Elvis is never told.. & when birthing time comes.. U R put in Hospital under different ID.. like in Elvis Jrs case. Doctors thought they taking baby from Anitta Stanic on Christmas Eve. (Probably not regular Dr's.) Angelique Pettyjohn confessed to being Elvis Jrs mother at convent in Bethlehem Conn. Anitta Stanic & her Husband.. Yogoslavic Circus performers on two year work permit ... look like they had American child.. with birth Certificate. Become American Citizens, & surely would not tell anyone.. Not their child.. just to stay in USofA.. If mothe ever said.. forget the money.. I had Elvis Presley's child.. How would she proceed.. What hospital.. No U where not there.. only a yogoslavic lady who did not speak English was there that Cold & snowy Chicago morn.. when Elvis Son was born.. & the Mama cried in the Ghetto. Mother could never find her child .. Elvis Jr was brought up speaking yogoslavic.. in Circus world where Colonel Parker worked b4 Elvis managing. That my friend is how this one went.. any questions.. thank U for that one.. Happy New years.. U be ok.. here.. Smiles.. $ibling$ is the GREATEST Elvis story Never Told.. but being told now.. listen to new song I just completed today.. " ELVIS is GONE" sung by his living Son.. think about it as U listen.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #338)

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Jr is real

U betcha.. Ms Nancy.. just ask away.. I have just finished another unique video with Elvis Jr singing a tribute to his father.. " Elvis is GONE" with some of the story inside the song video.. enjoy.. I will answer your questions. Also at "elvisjrsinfo " over 300 folks visited.. yesterday.. WoW.. that was impressive. thanks U 2..  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #337)

Elvis Presley

"Elvis Jr." (Phillip Stanic) video removed from YouTube

U know.. I might not be academic.. but have U tried.. using Japanese Letters.. it is in Japan. Yes it seems the births where about money.. the death & Will ignoring was about money.. Mothers took money to say they never had child.. & Yes Elvis Jr also likes Money more than friends. So what is your point. U see my title.. $ibling$ with $ signs.. at beginning & end.. yes.. cause it was $$s in the beginning that hid them...& to many $$s to share in the end.. to go find them. Why they R the $ibling$.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #322)

Elvis Presley

"Elvis Jr." (Phillip Stanic) video removed from YouTube

U missed the punny.. Dufus.. U funny.. I was reffering to Colonel Parker & his contract with Elvis Presley Sr.. Colonel had 50% of income.. plus 100% of concessions.. (& joke) was.. He was getting Elvis babies. Elvis did not know.. Girls would negotiate with Colonel Tom. That was it.. he did not have to tell Elvis what was happening.. what happened..& when. Hope U understand now. 2: I am not here to look at numbers.. I have accountants who get paid for that stuff. I get jobs done. 3: Well it may speak also to not having NO.. zilch business training.. He grew up self trained within Barnum & BAiley's Circus School. Elvis Jr knew my attitude.. on it was my hobby.. not my career. yes we had/have contracts his intent was good. We all know what happens when $$s get into hands.. I am not concerned about $$s.. I am concerned about getting to bottom of task. 30yrs long time to be having fun with one Hobby eh? 4: Many folks think Elvis recorded songs about his life.. I feel that way too.. many artists do.. maybe change a few things.. In Elvis got them...50% of writers fees.. U know part writer.. Glady's Music. Elvis Jr is not delusional.. U R closer.. relax.. & Elvis Jr is not avoiding DNA.. where is Pederson Now..? Where ? & he already had both DNA's of Elvis Sr..& Elvis Jr.. What is missing..? Just him. LOL..& u still believe.. see dulusional.. get a rub down.. I going in HOT tub..for bit. There U go again talking expert Con.. man.. did U read my question.. where did word " CON" come from.. I ask Univercity students that .. One more time.. U a writer.. is it not short for another word..? I have "confidence " U will come across it.. Today I just finished another NEW video.. with part of the story in it.. this song video is called the " KING is GONE" sung to his father.. from a living Son .. Elvis would be so proud of. Go ahead cretique it.. but enjoy mostly.. $ibling$ is a great Happy story in the end. "elvisjrsinfo "  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #321)

Elvis Presley

"Elvis Jr." (Phillip Stanic) video removed from YouTube

That is your opinion..Ed..& U don't have enough info to stand behind..Or have an opinion that counts. Laughing is good.. stay at it.. dude. Yes.. I may be only one in field.. & an easy target.. but in a world of lousy shots U would have thought just the shear numbers would have overwhelmed the facts..& evidences.. but alas.. a light.. & here we are..around the world on internet.. who would have thunk.. eh? So.. what is the point.. whole world is wrong Gord & Elvis Jr R right.. what fact does that change..? All the lemmings where together when going over the cliff.. how many where right? MMmmm Just the little morron.. that was a "little morron".. ahem. So wave as U go running by with the masses telling me to hurry up an join in.. NOPE.. I see the cliff better than US congress.. eh? 4: AS I said at the time of signing agreement .. this was my hobby.. Elvis Jr wanted to give me 20% of all he made worldwide.. a bargain I guess compared to Col. Tom's 50% of Elvis income.. 100% of all concessions.. & all of Elvis baby's not claimed by Elvis.. which he was not told about.. anyways. So I feel the numbers wher good. Elvis Jr wanted me to go to Japan.. with him on this big deal.. I said I am happy right here in BC.. song " LOVE is OVER' went over big Japan.. Jr made 3 million..Whoa. that was good start.. Elvis Jr came back..forgot to call for awhile.. went on $2million buy spree of Elvis Suits.. museums.. artifacts.. cars.. all good. I guess.. was only after it all was bought & apparently IRS came & well.. Anyways.. I am not.. was not.. & will not be concerned.. because I am here for truth.. I am getting it.. & my eyes r not off the prize.. that is proof.. I have enough to last me rest of my life. I do not spend a lot.. I enjoy every second of every day.. that I can. What Elvis jr does is of no concern to me.. because others R out there.. $ibling$ R very real.. & it is about a collective & not just one. As I said I do not have to Like Elvis Presley Sr.. Nor Elvis Presley Jr.. irrelivent to what I was brought on board to do. Elvis Jr still thinks he is only one.. that is real.. What can I do with that.? Like his father, his temper is quick.. we both stand our ground. Matters not whether he agrees..or U agree or not.. My position is clear.. My mandate is narrow.. & my Joy & happiness is infinite. Gord gets Tasks done.. Elvis Jr did not bring this task to SolarGord.. this task was earned..& is still a blessing to me. enjoy your New Year.. Gord going to outer Islands & friends.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #316)

Elvis Presley

I Believe Elvis Presley Jr.

I love the photo of a wonderful Christian Bible teacher raising two children in a crasy world.. trying to work underpaid but still gives to her church..& bakes..& shares. Now U can tear away with mine.. or jr's.. even ms Nancy can take your waves of selfishness. But why involve innisence ? U low.. but com'on How low can U go.. use folks that r involved with opinions.. U must be really desperate to try & hurt others because.. U have lost so badly in presenting wrong side of this debate.. Take it out on Gordo..not sideliners. Man up.. here stand on this box.. it'l help. meanwhile over 200+ yesterday.. at You Tube's "elvisjrsinfo " site.. so someone must be watching the unfolding drama.. U really really a bad ass, two-bit low life jerk.. OK.. Now did that get it going..? Your turn.. oh..U not there. U watching " elvisjrsinfo" at You tube.. OK.. Well save it till later... but stay mad..OK. good for numbers.. U know. & Ed too.. U bad.. so bad.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #375)

Elvis Presley

"Elvis Jr." (Phillip Stanic) video removed from YouTube

Dude it is good for U to practice your fiction.. I am glad to help.. What does Elvis Jr's career have to do with me..? Nothing.. I am not a manager.. Not an executive..& surely Not in the audience. I am & have been here NOT for Elvis Jrs career.. (that is not hobby) I am & have fulfilled a unique & needed position of front bumber Guard. We all getting Old.. what does that have to do with facts, evidences..& the Elvis truth that he had hidden births. Stay on track here.. I am lead investigator..U R Newbee.. to New to form opinions like U reaching for. Learn first.. grasshopper Mind U.. U just an old man trying to be funny.. So Your poiint is ? Did U miss 1st question or did U start counting at 2 ? anyways.. 3: How come U know so much about Con artists.. Do U know where name con came from .. I use this in lectures I have given at two high'r learning university's.. Yes they know about my spelling, it is not my fault they spelt words differently than if I at word meetings. Back to Where did Con..come from? U smart..? We waiting for seconder.. but we will assume it for now. I know nothing about most conn's..U seem expert.. carry on..speaking of.. Do U want a drink of water..? Just ask ? NO.. there never was nor a Philip Stanic's - Stanics did have their own son later his name is Dan. Looks nothing like Elvis Jr.. I mean No one looks like Elvis Jr.. He is unique.. but did not fall from sky. & lastly it is not for SolarGord to impress anyone.. keep your eyes on the football.. U already losing this game. refresh at "elvisjrsinfo " on You tube.. $ibling$ is the GREATEST Elvis story Never told..& it being told now.. with song.. & dance.. & all the fun Pitter patter.. dude.. get on with new fiction. Your 1st impessions R fading.. Do U know what a bong is..? R U OK.. SmileS.. Sibling$ R so real.. U maybe not.. "elvisjrsinfo " has the facts from Elvis Jrs mouth.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #314)

Elvis Presley

"Elvis Jr." (Phillip Stanic) video removed from YouTube

Oh..that is funny.. but OK.. U see U knew what I meant.. & U a unique dufuss.. worthy of your own spelling. Stupiid.. that's what it meant..? OK..we can stick with it. 2: U don't KNOW the Truth..& U not ready for it.. Truth is U confussed with fiction, & this is not. I will buy there has never been AN Elvis Jr.. because their is more than one. $ibling$ is Plural. Now U calling Elvis Jr LITTLE.. R U blind ? Or U looking at wrong photo's. Stay on track.. U drifting. It has been documented & Proven beyond a doubt .. Stanics could not have concieved this child. U know this.. Now..don't repeat.. Your fictionalized versions to yourself. Cult..? really..? followers..That is funny..too.. Do U think Elvis Jr has a message beyond " I am Elvis Presley's Son" .. He sings..& U go home. If they be "Outlandish " one would think ONE could be proven wrong? Of coarse their R so many more reasons why we know this is A Elvis son. Many have been listed, & proven.. true. 3: Our Newbee..on here thinks calling us Delusional solves anything..? If this is a joke.. U still waiting for punchline.. Can not poison waters for me.. I am the bearer.. Yes I am first on the field.. with facts, evidences.. & a real singing version of Elvis In & through one of his Sons. This is my hobby it not for gain. SolarGord has all the gain I need, & enjoy's totally every single day seeking beauty & working on Positive Projects, that fill my heart with JOY.. Uforickness.. & even a few laughs when funny Newbee's come by.. thinking they found a hole..or something wrong with our message. Tons of information out there & only poison is a few misguided.. Pungent Posters.. 4 moment U one. Absolutely, I have not helped a Cherade.. I helping a true Son of Elvis find his way back to building to be in. Now with a lovely wife.. U don't understand.. Elvis jr feels he owes me Hundreds of thousands of dollars, by contracts he does. I am not interested in collecting.. matters not to I.. it was not my intention to cost Elvis Jr anything, nor any of other $ibling$. My Hobby is my expense "jr" keeps comparing Gord to others he has known.. all after a $.. SolarGord only after truth & where it falls.. This is not my first project.. Just longest.. most enjoyable .. & I feel most worthy. It has value. So far as World making Judgement.. World never got to see Elvis Jr until Internet.. came along. We doing fine.. I am not judged by a single person.. believing or being convinced this is Elvis son. NOPE I am Judged by how well I tasked, & how well I fit $ibling$ into my already busy life. Also ON how well I tried.. See I only need to try my best with little education.. formally.. & a drive.. of NRG.. that only pure facts.. can change..divert or Spectrumize.. Until then.. U certainly don't pose or post anything that has not been asked b4 in 30 years. So.. U still have room to fill with more facts. so go to "elvisjrsinfo " U tube works  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #313)

Elvis Presley

"Elvis Jr." (Phillip Stanic) video removed from YouTube

Dufuss.. Elvis was a grown man with dyed hair.. funny thing.. Elvis Jr never was a Stanic.. it was a rue.. Why would Elvis Presley's son once knowing it want to continue a lie.. a con.. a rue.. There never was a Philip Stanic.. only an Elvis Jr with another name put upon him to hide Elvis Jr further.. If U wore a mask.. & U took it off.. would U then say real person was behind mask. U can understand that. Singing as Philip Stanic would be living a lie.. Get the grip.. dude.. Elvis Jr performing as Son of Elvis Is truth..not a lie. Elvis Jr would not do that.. I would not suggest it either.. NO.. U look at the task..& drive into it, over it Or right dam through it.. this is my task.. because powers that brought it to me.. knew I would see it through. Does not take univercity.. (they to scared) Not a proffesional.. (they risk crediability) Not a media person.. (exec's would fire them) for bringing forward .. No it took & takes a firery little guy with not a lot or Academia - but one that lived on the streets.. fought his way up.. was tossed & torn in world of deceptive business practices.. Someone filled with so much GOD faith that I can not be burnt.. only scorched.. I am not afraid or care what others think of Gord.. (it is none of my business) My challenges R befor me ..until I am in them.. So Yes I do believe I got this project out of pray'r.. out of my past serviture to truth.. & NO ONE ON EARTH was going to take it up. yes.. even GOD must have wondered why My name came up.. but for sure now he knows why. We will get this up the ladder to whom it should be with.. we will keep presure on Elvis estate & lawyers.. so as they know it not going away or back to sleep.. They got to feed the babies now.. even if it is middle of night. Now be polite.. & we can dance.. but U be back on the wallflower chairs if U do not show some respect U can be indifferent ..but be that respectfully.. I will also. Happy New Year. U should rejoice.. U now a little bitty part of GREATEST Elvis Legacy story Ever told. $ibling$ R very real.. U just passing by.. Smiles.. going forward.. SolarGord is honest.. dedicated.. & that is proven.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #310)

Elvis Presley

"Elvis Jr." (Phillip Stanic) video removed from YouTube

OK.. I will entertain another of your mini rants.. I respond to correct Your bias an inccorect factual misleading statements.. If I did not.. some folks may be mislead.. misguided & Mis directed.. can not have that happen. If someone really does not want to see or read my posts.. it is they that leave..not Gord. Just for the record.. if U come on here with your unfactual biased opinion.. U feel it should be unchallenged ? More fiquring to do.. ? 2: Your guess as to what I have done for Elvis Jr is off the mark.. wrong..& discusting.. I have elevated & push'd through barriers.. & U have no idea what I have done.. in financing.. emotioal support & down in the muck.. protecting of Elvis Presley's living son.. Because U do not believe.. & have done NO research.. your opinion sucks.. & should always be addressed immediately to one correct you.. & not have others innicently see such rubish.. against a world class talent.. who is a living Legacy to Elvis Presley .. Who would be very proud of this Son. I do not profess to LOVE Stanic nor do I profess to LOVE Elvis.. I am & always have been objective.. on this.. more than You or many others. If U can not handle the heat.. it is U that has to leave.. bake a cake..or do housework ..U not needed if U feel uncomfortable.. but I do not leave Nor feel uncomfortable in any way.. at all.. U missing the truth.. I am not.. U suffer I do not. The material I have out there is only part of the material I have, yes some has been saved.. & if u keep disgracing or defaming Elvis Jr with saying he is delusional.. I will end this. Elvis Jr is very logical, imaginative.. & living something U would not wish on anyone. U can disagree with me or my theory's U can insult me.. but for time being until verdict is in with DNA..if U want to be involved.. U do not attack Elvis Jr I am making statements on his behalf.. have been.. & will. All is fine if U respect my opinion..& U deal with facts.. You too new have opinions that matter much so far. Elvis Jr is very apprecative of what I do ..& have done. I am sure he is very surprized.. also. Both of You miss the point.. this is done because truth should be known.. Elvis would want his births found.. I getting it done..stand aside.. behind.. but don't get in front. cappish.. Happy New year.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #309)

Elvis Presley

"Elvis Jr." (Phillip Stanic) video removed from YouTube

U have nothing to surrender for.. Elvis Jr and our claims can be offensive to some folks.. U R one. That is nothing wrong.. I apprechiate..hones ty. If U mean what U say.. U would stop using Ms Nancy's photo's..or any others.. U look fine for your age.. U a smart man. We do not need all the name calling.. U can hold an opposite position, and I should still be able to stop in Hope..& have a coffee.. with U & your lovely wife. I am sure U would have said something to have me return a uncomfortable post Re: anyone in your family.. Is that not insulting a innicent lady by using her photo's etc. ? I am a gentleman.. with very much Faith in life. I would want U & your family to have a happy New Year.. this is a project.. I do not care what way it turns out.. it is not my life nor my story.. I am repeating what I have found.. It is not done for money.. & as U know I love my work.. & life so far. thanks for gesture.. lets see how it Rolls out. I do appreciate U hangin in over the years.. & I do see most of it as positive going forward. Somebody had to say those issues that arise on this type of Unreal, unbelievable.. projects.. But be assured.. I would never be involved with a cherade, or false story. I may not expain it all right.. but NO one else would Help Elvis Jr.. & I always will.. thanks & Hug for your wife. all the best. And U do keep your place nice. OK.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #308)

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