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Dec 22, 2008

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would panamanian women sex black men?

Guess who ever allowed this crap to be placed on line has earned his or her self to be fired and isolated from any computer for the rest of his or her life. First this mentality was the one the rulers of the country had both on the Panamanian side and the former canal zone area and the main reason of the abusiveness of the law enforcement authorities and the so called fathers of the country. Those of us who were part as in my case Chinese and West-Indian as our fore fathers were called knows the extremely great damage these postures can cause to society and much more the minds of the young ones who surfs the web unsupervised and thus every day ask GOD to keep things improving as they are and not to return to this kind of fascist Hitler like way of thinking.And as it is said in law "with out the knowledge of cause" let your mouth be the cell for your tongue. You never visited the country nor dealed with his people, just abstain from typing or placing on your site anything concerning this GOD blessed land I love from ever since I started to walk its dusty roads first and latter it's crowded streets. So avoid referring from now on THE CROSSROADS OF THE AMERICAS in this way. Talk about yourself or your family not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! PANAMAAAAAAAAAAAAA A  (Dec 23, 2008 | post #9)