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Jul 29, 2007

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Cumulative Ultra- Low dosage effective?

Fran, because my problem is mostly back acne, not the face. It is quite severe id say, before there was not plave that looked uninfected. I have constant nose bleeds, the reason why i asked is that i hear some people(tobe exact) 10-20% start losing hair. now, being a woman it would kill me having that. my doc wants to put me on 60mg, but to be honest, i think ill just stick to 40, and plannig to stop as soon as it clears out..too many bloosy side effects, and they are not just kiddy ones. what do you think!  (Jul 30, 2007 | post #6)

accutane and drinking

my dermatologist said that alcohol+accutane can trigger hair loss!  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #11)


Jackie, i am on my second month of roaccutane./40mg, you can imagine what kind of skin i have by now, i plucked my upper lip and saw skin going with a dont do no waxing. on the other hand, ill tell you a little secret, i went and did laser treatment, i know that docs say its a no-no, but i thought there is no way i am shaving my face, bear in mind my skin is sensitive, the problem with laser and accutane is that your skin is already super duper sensitive, after laser even normal skin cannot see no sun in like 3,4 days. so i figured out, if i put 50SPF like 30 times a day after it wont do any damage...and guess what, my mathematics were right. Yes, my skin was bloody red the first hour, my doc first refused but i threatened her of going to another and not telling about accutane at all, so she said ok, but ill use the easiest on skin one (for black skin and i am DAMN WHITE WITH BLACK STRONG HAIR) so i was like...whats the point., i promise i wont sue you just do it! then i put two coats of 50 spf and went home. I am hairles and feeling just fine now!!!!!! Bear in mind what i said about skin is so thin!!! so, i hope this helps! p.s. if you do decide to go on with laser, dont tell your doc who will do it, they will never do it!!!!!mind just saw how in pain i was ( iam quite hairy!). also, buy rose water, straight after treatment apply some rose water (persian is the best) it will cool it down very fast, and then spf...the highest one! EVERYWHERE....anyw ay you should be using it since you are taking this drug like all of us here!!!!!! then wait like 10-15 mins in the salon, till it is fully absorbed and run back home!!!!! best of luck!  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #8)

Cumulative Ultra- Low dosage effective?

Fran, did you have much acne to start with? What are your worst side effects?  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #4)

Accutane experiences?

friends, i have almost finished my second month, and about to start the 3rd. Started off with 20mg first month, 40mg this month and it sort of started clearing up my back, my face is also much better now! I am very scared of the high % of people expreiencing hair loss (10-20% too high), my dr. said i should stay on it for 6 months...there is no way in hell i am taking it for this long reading all these dreadful life stories, i am planning to stop it as soon as my back clears up...i mean no point of having NO acne but also NO hair, i am a woman and losing my hair would be more than catastrophic for me!!!! So friends, please tell me about your hair, but not those who have only been taking it for 2 weeks or a month, i mean those on the 3,4 month of their treatment. thank you!!!!Also, are you taking any supplements? i am crazy on Zinc...well whatever makes me think i won't go bald;  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #37)

Accutane taken years ago and pregnancy now

Darling, i hope your cracked lips is the only thing that you find this "horrible ", i myself am taking roaccutane for 2 months now, and used to be also upset about my dry skin and always cracked skin/joint ache, then i read that 10-20% of peole taking roaccutane go bald or experience big time hair loss problems.....finge rs crossed for all of us!  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #69)

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