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Oct 4, 2012

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Wilmington, IL

Link card abuse

I suggest you move to Somalia or Yemen. You don't like it here GTFO! You better hope that one day your family doesn't need link card assistance. Maybe I'm a bleeding heart liberal but I go to sleep at night with a clear conscious.  (14 hrs ago | post #16)

Wilmington, IL

assult catfish days

Young girl, behind pub??? Explain.  (Friday Aug 8 | post #2)

Wilmington, IL

Should a Porn Shop and Gay bar be opened in southren Will...

I guess a "porn shop" would be an adult bookstore?? They are great for picking up funny gifts for friend's birthdays. Gay bar? What's the harm there?? Haven't u ever been to Kit Kat Club, super fun drag shows and probably more heterosexuals there. The gays don't hurt anyone, they are clean cut and nice. They are generally well educated and have great jobs. (I have many friends that are gay). The only ones causing trouble and hurting people are the closed minded hillbillies.  (Thursday Aug 7 | post #3)

Essex, IL

s. wilmington firemans club electric

We also belong to SWSC. I like it a lot for laying out. But there are a lot of drunks out there and the gate isn't strictly enforced which is a shame. Especially since it's one of the more expensive clubs.  (Jul 14, 2014 | post #611)

Wilmington, IL

moving to Essex

I would pick Reed Custer over Wilmo and Coal City but no chance over Herscher. Especially for sports.  (Jul 13, 2014 | post #8)