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Dec 18, 2012

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Greece, NY

Race and racism

ubiquitousbliss YOU ARE A DISCRACE TO THE UNIVERSE; YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU THNK YOU DO…. healer… ya right…… whatever…..  (Jan 29, 2013 | post #26)

Greece, NY

Race and racism

The Democrat and Chronicle you would think would do a little research prior to printing a story. The D&C is not new to the business of reporting but maybe that is just how they do it now. As a horribly racist video that surfaced locally last week makes clear, it is a conversation that badly needs to be had. Great headline but wrong catalyst D&C. That video was not a racist video, it was a video made out of anger over issues among friends or past friends. Alex Hare and two of the three kids were very good friends for years, that dose’t sound racist. What might have happened? A couple of things one of which is public. Alex Hare was texting Amanda for descriptive pictures of her vagina of which he did admit on camera and his mother immediately interjected that she wanted apologies from not only the kids but their families. Just indicates what type of people are being interviewed, the kids did apologize on camera for the way they handled the situation. Did his mother ask Alex to apologize for his actions, nope you have to assume his actions are ok in the Hare household. When Alex didn’t get his pictures he sent an onslaught of disturbing texts to Amanda. Her brother and friend found out about the issue and intervened. The boys just wanted the texting to end then more texting and tempers. Alex Hare gave Amanda a green hoodie that he bought in DC on his eighth grade class trip. When Alex is ready he will tell what he did with the other one. The boys tried to return the hoodie on several occasions. The video was a result of that pent up frustration exploding, does it justify the video. No, but that is what the kids did to end it. Most mature adults understand the N word carries the weight of millions of souls of all color that had no freedom or liberty and understand the word has no place in any language. Kids however use this word a a descriptive term and don’t have a true understanding. We all hear it on the streets, malls, music and public places. Again if they truly understood no one would use that word just out of respect and sorrow for what was done. Was this a racist video, no. The mother hare and a manipulating so called activist wanted to monetarily benefit from this situation. Maybe the D&C could review the information and issue a retraction. The Rally, mother Hare and hypocritical activist yelling pussy from a bull horn on the street is not very beneficial to any cause. Lets see better journalism in the future please.  (Dec 18, 2012 | post #1)

Greece, NY

Angry Mom In Video Harassment Case Wants Justice

Live, laugh and love!  (Dec 18, 2012 | post #91)