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Mar 30, 2011

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Atlanta, GA

Atlanta belongs to US!

If you agree with the sentiments above you can start off easy. The next time you see a police officer, security guard, even firefighter, take a moment to just say, "Thank you!". We always complain that there's never a cop around when we need one but as a former Public Safety Officer myself I understand. They are spread so thin, and their budget is forever being cut. I know in their hearts they would do more if they could. Yes, when these officers first start hearing "Thank you!" they may at first be gripped by the urge to frisk and question you. Over time, though, if they hear it enough they'll begin to see the sincerity. Please, help me get me. Again the address is takebackatlanta201 [email protected] To prove this is the effort of an individual you might be surprised that the response will be personal...and sincere as my motivation.  (Feb 12, 2013 | post #2)

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta belongs to US!

As a retired firefighter/parame dic I was always pro-active in my community. I moved here upon retirement and to say the least it took some adjusting. For a time I thought the things I saw were "normal" . Recently I saw on YouTube video of a mall security guard and the "people" he deals with almost daily and I was appalled. No, this is NOT how things should be. We have allowed a generation of criminals, cons, and greedy young people thinking to push us aside and take the city WE work for, WE built, WE support. They think they can push and threaten and take what they wish. I am looking for like minded people who will help me show support men and women like this security guard. If you looking for vigilantism please do NOT respond. This is NOT about money, I will never seek donations or any such thing. I am looking for COURAGE, who are not afraid to show their support by walking up men like Darien Long, the guard who recorded the YouTube videos, shake his hand and THANK HIM for what he does. I would like to show him, and others like him, that there ARE people who appreciate what he does. I encourage open discussion on the subject...but I seek ACTION. If you wish to help email me at takebackatlanta201 [email protected] and for ALL OUR SAKES...LET THE DECENT PEOPLE OF ATLANTA BE HEARD AND SEEN!  (Feb 12, 2013 | post #1)

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Only WE can make Atlanta right


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S&S Cafeteria, Mellow Mushroom, any bowling alley

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Myself and my family

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I run my companies, I write and actually get paid to do it, and I love all things outdoors.

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I want to help make Atlanta better.

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The Heart Behind the Hero

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My family, helping others, being a retired firefighter/paramedic

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We've watched as Atlanta has been taken over by miscreants and criminals. I'm looking to gather support for those who show courage in combating it.

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Living life in a place worth living. Being pro active in that process and not ignoring what I see around me.