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Nov 29, 2012

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Did you ask for any TVs for Christmas?

Did you ask for any TVs for Christmas? [url=]Tvsto reau[/url] I hope someone got me The Help on DVD. Which TV would you like to get? A couple..[url=http: // m/products/The-Big -Bang-Theory-Seaso ns-1-5-DVD-Box-Set -cartoon-2659.html ]Big Bang Theory box set[/url], Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and [url= 21/Cold-Case-Seaso ns-1-7-DVD-Boxset- cartoon-2127.html] Cold Case dvd box set[/url], and Californication. Have they released anything good lately? I search for [url= ts/Californication -Seasons-1-5-DVD-B ox-Set-cartoon-264 3.html]Californica tion dvd box set1-5[/url] even some really old movies, like the 1st Harry Potter, the 1st Matrix, more recent stuff perhaps like [url= ts/True-Blood-Seas ons-1-5-DVD-Box-Se t-cartoon-2692.htm l]True Blood box set[/url], Ocean's series, Dexter TV episodes, and it all says they're unavailable when I search it. This being said [url= ts/Damages-Seasons -1-5-DVD-Box-Set-c artoon-2705.html]D amages dvd box set 1-5[/url]... I can watch really new movies like Ramona and [url= ts/How-i-met-your- mother-Seasons-1-7 -DVD-Box-Set-carto on-2665.html]How I Met Your Mother dvd box set[/url] for some reason? Can someone please explain this to me? I just went and looked. The [url= ts/Dexter-Seasons- 1-6-DVD-Box-Set-ca rtoon-2586.html]De xter seasons 1-6[/url] you listed are all available on DVD, but not for instant streaming. That's the case for many movies at Netflix. Why? Because they can legally rent [url= ts/South-Park-Seas ons-1-15-DVD-Box-S ml]South Park dvd set[/url] that is in stores. But to stream them, they have to get special permission from the producers. (They pay a certain amount to the studio for the right to stream them.) They [url= ts/Bones-Seasons-1 -7-DVD-Box-Set-car toon-2664.html]Bon es seasons 1-7 dvd set[/url] always get that permission. Sometimes it's a matter of money. Other times they just don't want [url= ts/Criminal-Minds- Seasons-1-7-DVD-Bo x-Set-cartoon-2712 .html]Criminal Minds box set[/url] streamed at all. In the case of Dexter, Showtime used to allow streaming of the old Dexter episodes, but then Showtime got worried that [url= ts/Walt-Disney-100 -Years-Of-Magic-16 4-Discs-DVD-Boxset -cartoon-1580.html ]disney dvd collection/url] might eventually replace cable TV as the means of watching shows, so they abruptly announced that they were soon going to pull most of their programming (such as [url= ts/NCIS-Seasons-1- 9-DVD-Box-Set-cart oon-2699.html]Ncis box set[/url] & Californication) from Netflix. you're trying to watch titles that aren't streaming. If it shows up as "Unavailable " on your device- that means it's a disc rental only title.  (Nov 29, 2012 | post #1)