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Apr 9, 2013

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In Kenya 3D animation takes center stage

http://smileandmob /in-kenya-3d-anima tion-takes-center- stage/ When Steve Jobs left Apple unceremoniously in the 1980s, he jumped into the world of animation, where he founded Pixar Animation studios, a move that would make him a billionaire before his return to apple computer more than a decade later . Fast forward to 2013 and creators in Africa are animating their way to wealth and prosperity. In Kenya, animation studios are growing in number, and the quality of the production is world class. Studios like Recon digital Animation have been creating quality animation short films while telling great african stories. .com/watch?v=gzpYY dTBZzI The African home grown entertainment industry has been massively successful in the past 20 years, and this success has not gone unnoticed by corporations. Today in Kenya, advertising dollars have been funneled into various animation studios, as corporations attempt to create a buzz. RELATED ARTICLE: Gaming industry in Nigeria. Is Maliyo Games the next Zynga? Studios like Afrikana Digital animation, and Fatboy animations have been enjoying the benefits of this new interest in Animation. .com/watch?v=3Pjte pR_9Kg .com/watch?v=a2lsR zxQe38 DISCUSS THIS ARTICLE IN OUR FORUM Fatboy Animations studio is believed to handle about 6 projects a month with each project bringing in a minimum of $22,800. An amazing feat for the 3 year old company and its 26 year old founder, Michael Muthiga. Goes to show you that if you do what you love, you do it it well, and you do it consistently. Eventually people will start paying you for it. Pixar Animation, Walt Disney, Dreamworks………………af rikana digital? Who knows, in the future we could be mentioning a few African studios in that line. Anything is possible, as long as you……………………………………… …..Stay Mobile!  (Nov 16, 2013 | post #1)

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