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Feb 28, 2013

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I was stressed from my work and tried to eat lots of meals to release my stress. I couldn't work out anything to reduce my stress. Only eating foods that it made me feel good and happy. After that I gained lots of weight from 70kg to 90kg within one and half years. My health problem was getting bad such as hormone imbalance, back pain, diabetes. I was very upset and disappointed. My doctor said that I have to delay my plan to have children and lose weight from 90kg to 65kg, and then I can try to have a baby. I tried many things to lose weight, but it gets more difficult to lose weight.  “One day, I met my old colleague, I saw her body curve has changed a lot. I asked her what you had done. How come you lose weight and have a nice body curve? What she told me that she tries body shaper to lose weight, make her slim and healthy.  She said that these body shapers can weight loss, shape and remodel body, firm up and tone flabby upper arms, prevent breast cancer, improve blood circulation, increase metabolic rate, detoxification, relieve menstruation pain, relieve backache, correct and improve posture and get rid of cellulite. She also told me that she didn’t go on diet and eat normal meal such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even she didn’t do any exercise, she had better results within 2 months from wearing these body shapers (Her size from 10 dropped to size 8 and lose 3kg)”. I was really surprise with her lose weight result, I wouldn’t believe that she only wears these products to get slim and health.  I asked her to get these body shapers for me.  I started to wear body shaper on 28 January 2012 till now, my weight dropped by 5kg, I have a body curve, I lost half tummy, my back pain is gone, my period comes regularly within two months and menstruation pain, I saw black colour in my bar and body shaper, I asked my old colleague what is that black colour in my bar and I can’t clean it. She said that it is toxic came from my body. After I try these body shapers products, my life is full of hope and happy, I get my beauty back, and I also regain back my health and my confidence. It is a miracle. I am happy that I made the right choice and I hope my experience and my testimonials can help many others out there who are like me. If you would like to make a change for yourself whether it is for beauty and for health. I did it and so can you! Please leave a message in here or email me [email protected] com  (Feb 28, 2013 | post #1)