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May 13, 2013

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Gang Stalking Debate Forum!

I'm defintely not going to discredit the possibility of gang stalking as there are a lot of people who believe about it in its usual form so there must be something to it. It might've been different for me. I do think I'm going to try and stop focusing on why. I was very young when I was first targetted. I considered the people who I thought were in on it good people. I'm trying to rationalize what was done. It was a violation of my rights and it should technically be illegal. In my case, the electronic harassment theory seems to work. For many reasons which I've kept track of, I really believe the whole experience revolved around slowed perception, and maybe even dissociation. I believe it's possible I was "programmed " to sabotage myself which explains the mishaps. Regardless, you're right, whatever they did, it was a malicious act.  (May 14, 2013 | post #7469)

Top Stories in the Blogosphere

Gang Stalking Debate Forum!

MHO about the whole gang stalking topic: I've drawn many inferences over that past few years and I believe that gang stalking is actually in most cases due to electronic harassment. I propose that someone comes by at night, hits you with a ray gun, then leaves. The perps mess with your head, and that's what makes you paranoid. That's what makes you believe in gang stalking. It takes a while for your brain chemistry, and brain waves, to return to normal. You have to live it out or restore the balance in some way. This explains why some people fail to see results even when they use EM sheilding or how insanely pervasive the gang stalking seems to be - even when they move to a different country. I don't think anybody has the resources to follow people around like that. As far as intent is concerned, I think these groups may have a higher purpose. I think the gang stalking simulation, including the nasty voices, are cover. I believe these people may be trying to help people who have personality disorder, have an abusive personality, or some other issue. Think long term CBT. Just as hypnosis involves slowing brain waves down and inserting suggestions, I believe electronic harassment works in the same way. You're unaware of the suggestions. Who knows, maybe these people are completely malicious. Maybe they are just vigilante revenge groups. I believe they are special interest groups. Whatever those interests might be. I don't know if that justifies what they do.  (May 13, 2013 | post #7463)