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Sep 11, 2012

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You're kidding, right? If the State Patrol is so far ahead on professionalism, and considered to be the "elite" law enforcement agency, why do they spend so much time generating thousands of dollars fining people for the "crime" of not wearing a seat belt. Here's something else....I work as a correctional officer and the State Patrol here in the northern regions make it a point to issue a citation to every correctional officer at every opportunity. It's nothing more than a game to them to issue citations to members of another branch of law enforcement. Not to mention our branch went how many years with no pay raises? We have families to feed too. My wife is a registered nurse, and a few months ago she was working a shift at one of the nursing homes in Piketon through her agency. I drove down with her as I have family that lives in a neighboring town and was able to spend the day visiting. On our way home we received a ticket from one of the Highway Patrol officers on duty (I won't mention Trooper B. R. Seabolt's name.....OOPSY!) for going 71 in a 55. The only problem with this situation is that our cruise control was set at 53 mph and cars were passing us. Deciding that we would fight the ticket I began looking into some statistics regarding the odds. The prospect looked bleak. Trooper Seabolt writes, on average, a ticket EVERY 15 mins. For those who doubt me, check out the home page of the Pike County Court and look through the arraignments for traffic violations. The system is not automated very well, but the documents are there for anybody to view if they are willing to do a little leg work. Just look for his name, the date of the violation, and time of violation. Long story short, his sheer volume of citations issued has earned him an extremely high reputation within his division. I guess generating revenue has that effect. I'm not saying that all troopers are bad eggs. I have nothing but respect for honest law enforcment personnel regardless of their capacity of service. That being said, there are those that should not be permitted to abuse their power.  (Sep 11, 2012 | post #18)