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Dec 4, 2013

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Advice on this girl

So Saturday night I met this girl at a party. We exchanged numbers and said to call her. Fast forward to last night I'm deep asleep and get a call around 11:30. The girl from Saturday called and said "hey what's up what are you doing". I replied just watching tv still half asleep and not all the way together. She says she wants to do something (keep in mind this is Monday night,there are no parties on a Mondays lol). Unable to focus I just say yeauh I don't think there's anything happening on a Monday. She said ugh I just really wanna do something tonite. At this point I start 2 fall back asleep. Lemme see if anythings going on and I'll call you back I said. I called her back 10min later and then an hour later and no answer. So....was this a booty call? In my state of mind I honestly had no idea what was going and thought I was dreaming. Lol. I'm guessing she was waiting for an invite over? And she's been at this college long enough to know parties are only on the weekends. She's not a first year student. I'm assuming its over since she hasn't returned my calls?  (Dec 5, 2013 | post #1)