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Dec 23, 2012

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Selma, NC

Misplaced Souls Mc Goldsboro Chapter

One lets everyone get this straight there is only one club that claims territory in any and all of onslow/carterett/c raven/goldsboro... And forgive me for not naming any others. So lets bot all these other clubs who have said to all be neutral have afriend of a friend speaking on anyones behalf. Have a nice day and remember your place in this world.  (Jan 10, 2013 | post #91)

Selma, NC

Misplaced Souls Mc Goldsboro Chapter

Still no response geoffrey? I know this sends a notification to your email. Just want to buy you a beer and let you know we are not out to intimidate drivers without cause.  (Jan 10, 2013 | post #90)

Selma, NC

Misplaced Souls Mc Goldsboro Chapter

Dear Jeffery, I am a Southern Mayhem patch holder and would like to apologize for above mentioned actions. I my self was out of town during the stated date, tending to personal business. Being from your weekend rider background you should know that many MC's ride side by side. Alot of the time right beside/on the dotted or solid line. We do this in efforts to move more fluidly through traffic and to keep cars from unknowingly cutting us off/bumping into us(and/or) just to keep the group together. Much like the Marine Corps we "leave no brother behind"! That being said the front of the pack signals to the back that they are changing lanes and the back of the pack is supposed to stop the car in behind then in the lane they are changing to. If you felt accosted or wronged by someone riding to close to the line or "bullying " you out of the way well your in a car and Honestly you can get right the fuck over it, go to hell. Like you and I have both stated an accident on a bike is far greater than in a car. The patch holder probably did so to negate you from going ahead of him subsequently keeping the whole pack from changing lanes. What I honestly think happened here was that your man hood was tested and your card was pulled. Im sure traffic really kept you from following them to the tuckahoe anniversary party and I'm sure if you really had a pair of balls would have. In fact that day they were with our brothers the 1%er Pagan MC 1%er. Regardless had we not been we would have listen to your complaint, and had you been disrespectful one of us would have tended to that accordingly. Im trying to approach this in a non confrontational manor despite your "idiot" statement. If you'd truly like to "express your disgust" come on down to Jo Jo's, A.K.A Big John's, of Swansboro and ill buy you a beer. We can talk this out like men and not do this 10 foot tall on the internet and the whole blog post pussy shit that occurs a lot with the play station/Facebook generation. So vome down any day of the week and you'll see one of us most likely and ask for me!!!!  (Dec 24, 2012 | post #89)

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