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Aug 5, 2008

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Who got to vote in the poll of overrated NFL players? Packer fans? Just look at his p[lacing this year against other quarterbacks and his lifetime achievements and I would conclude he is the most UNDERRATED quarterback at this time. Why repeat such drivel?  (Oct 6, 2009 | post #15)

Brett Favre on 'schism' in Minnesota Vikings locker room:...

I am so glad the Pioneer press went out and asked the guys. Brett has a reputation of helping locker room moods. AFTER his season with the Jets "unnamed sources" started this whole story which veteran Jets players will tell you was not true. ESPN used to be pretty pro Favre, but even they have joined the rumor mill. I bet this story is alive a month from now even though there is no truth to the schism. Even sports announcers could not pronounce it, so don't make fun that Favre said he didn't know the word. I thought it was brilliant Favre said ,"You guys will have to use locker room words for these stories." He caught them red handed!! Go Brett Favre! Go Vikes!  (Aug 27, 2009 | post #55)

Fran Tarkenton speaks again, saying Minnesota Vikings' th...

Tarkenton should keep his mouth shut. He shows his own true colors in the way he talks about Brett. Is he jealous no one wanted him at 39? Brett is not being indecisive. he said his biceps tendon need to blow before he can consider playing. he also said when he left the Jets he would not have surgery. All looks pretty clear to me. Last year #4 was shocked and angry when the Packers told him he was no longer the Packers QB, Favre said he wanted to go to the Vikings. i am sure Brett wanted to go to a team where he would have the greatest chance to win. This year is completely different and people don't seem able to see that. The joke will be on the hateful public when Favre never goes anyplace. Will anyone apologize about their negative talk? probably not  (May 29, 2009 | post #104)

Chicago Tribune

Paul Hornung to Brett Favre: Stick around

I hope Paul Hornung will be at the first Vikings game cheering Brett on if he goes that way. We need more people like Paul to weigh in on this, explaining the love of the game.  (May 12, 2009 | post #3)


Jets triple threat Washington wants new contract

Money is corrupting sports. These guys have contracts and should work within them. Jones is showing just what a scum he is. He had a pro bowl season last year because he had a HOF quarterback. the same QB he dissed in the off season. No class. No understaning when enough is enough in terms of money. If he can repeat last year's peformance...then maybe.  (Apr 2, 2009 | post #19)

The Capital Times

Lucas at Large: Lucas at Large: Was Favre a Warner-in-wai...

You can get rid of the condescending attitude for people who still believe Favre has some gas in his tank.You think Kurt is FAR better? Don't you remember Brett shut him out with SIX touchtown passes against Arizona? How could you POSSIBLY know that Rogers is "far, far" anything than Linehart. Do you personally know these guys? Have you sat and had a chat with each? You emphasis on how YOu know FAR FAR more than anyone else is tiresome. It gets me when folks are condescending to others and belittle their opinions, when you have no sense of their own limited knowledge or humility. Rodgers was competent, but he can't close the deal in the 4th quarter and he himself said he didn't understand leadership on the team. After one loss he said, "I am trying to do everything I can in terms of being a leader. What more do they (his teammates) want?" Folks who want Favre in the can or call him "washed up" don't understand the X factor that makes him a charismatic, popular player. He will never lose that and a team without him is less than. Sure he was beat at the end of the Jets season, but he was injured and the whole team was collapsing. I'm no football genius, and I don't pretend to know what is best for Favre this season. He is doing what Woody told hime to do. Rest up and get away from football. Let's leave him and his legacy alone/ Leave it to the pros to figure out.  (Jan 22, 2009 | post #66)

The Capital Times

Lucas at Large: Lucas at Large: Was Favre a Warner-in-wai...

I like what you have to say and I think you may very well be right. Favre critics like to point to the Jets losing streak as though its evidence Favre couldn't have done it. But Favre played brilliantly against the Cardinals, patriots and Titans--and they had a winning record. However, seems obvious to me if he had not had to deal with all the transitions, including to a new group of receivers that never quite understood Favre's "keep running" advice, he'd be playing Feb 2. Too bad the Packer management could not have been more open minded.  (Jan 22, 2009 | post #65)


Favre should decide on his future ASAP

Kerry Phodes may have best intentions, but he's akid. he does not realize the need for recuperation Brett had--especially with a torn bicep. I'd like to see the Jets use a high pick to draft a good young QB, then have Brett come back and mentor him and have him take some snaps as the season progresses. Jets get the valuable knowledge Brett has, and a usable young QB whn Brett retires for certain in 2009. Kerry can express his opinion, but Brett's deal is with the management. The players need to realistically understand what it take for Favre to recuperate and be ready for a season lasting into the playoffs. His coming in a training camp is a medical necessity, not a prima donna.  (Dec 31, 2008 | post #8)

Hartford Courant

Favre Triggers Mixed Emotions

"If a gunslinger knew when to quit, he would not be a gunslinger"-- thanks for putting this in perspective. Brett's gamble with the Jets is classic Brett favre. I think he's done a good job, too...Jet fans are just greedy. With him at the helm, he turned the tide. That's what they wanted. Mangini said they would like to know by the start of training camp if Brett is coming back. Let's not ask Brett until then, huh? It is the presses constant speculation that makes this a drama...not Favre.  (Dec 27, 2008 | post #1)

The Capital Times

Lucas at Large: Lucas at Large: New York Bretts were Favr...

Favre tops Favre. Brett led a well oiled machine down the field each time they had the ball. Brett was part of that machine, in charge of running it smoothly so it could reach the other's endzone. A breeze of magic enters a room with Favre, and the Jets were ready to respond. It was a great win, and it was great to watch Brett doing what he does best. Even better than his best, is this new appreciation he has for his own accomplishments. He now does not feel compelled to outdo himself. He seeks to use all his skills for a Jets win. New York is the better place for him to be--the big hug with Mangini showed that. Thanks, Brett, for the continued good times.  (Nov 14, 2008 | post #8)

Hartford Courant

Jets Beat Patriots, 34-31, In OT

Why does every paragraph start with "The Patriots..." This game was more about the Jets, a team with a losing record last year that now, at least for a while, enjoys being #1 in their division. Lets hear it for the way the Jets hung in there and won!  (Nov 13, 2008 | post #1)

Chicago Tribune

Oprah raises roof, cash for Obama

My cousin is a pranoid what does that have to do with anything? Barack was raised by his (white)mother and (white) Grandparents who were Christian. He had only one or two encounters with his father after age two---and his father was NOT a muslin. This is when we as Americans sound really stupid. We are hypocritical in our ecumenicalism. One reason I am excited to have Barack Obama as our next president is that it will signal to the world the USA is not (small minded) business as usual. I love that Barack had hundreds of thousands of fans when he toured Europe. I would LOVE to have a president admired by world leaders--perhaps we can once again be seen as a force to be reckoned with. This has not happened since John and Jackie Kennedy. Please-- stop characterizing Barack by the fears you have.  (Oct 19, 2008 | post #79)

Chicago Tribune

Joe the plumber's story has some cracks

Thanks for your comments--I couldn't have said it better myself.  (Oct 19, 2008 | post #305)

Chicago Tribune

Major newspapers' presidential endorsements

I am shocked the San Francisco examiner endorsed McCain/Palin. By no stretch on earth is Sarah Palin ready for a national office. Barack Obama has an unusual intelligence and ability to think beyond the ordinary. He has faith and hope. How can his experience be considered thin? Magna cum from Harvard; 7-8 years teaching constitutional law; leaving a lucrative law position for community development. His have been the hard choices. And how is it no one mentions Palin having been found to have abused her power and behaved unethically. Sounds like Politics as usual. I pray that on the morning on November 5th we welcome Barack Obama as president elect. God help us if that is not the outcome.  (Oct 19, 2008 | post #1)


Just try not to like Brett Favre

Thanks for making the attraction to Brett favre understandable to non-football addicts. My friends have a hard time understanding why I am so interested in watching him--you nailed it. Thanks.  (Oct 7, 2008 | post #44)