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May 28, 2010

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Vancouver, WA

Why is there a car-pool lane in portland?

Come on guys, lets be a little bit civil here. I understand the frustration as i am frustrated too. It does seem pretty unintelligent to think that tolls across the columbia will help traffic. I mean, look at south bound I-5. Some car stalls out on 26 and south bound is backed up to Washington. WTF? how do tolls help that? Anyways, i dont think i am getting good responces because there are none. I havent been able to get one person to give me a legitimate answer. It seems that no one knows.  (Jan 5, 2011 | post #4)

Vancouver, WA

Why is there a car-pool lane in portland?

And why is there only one in arguably the worst place to have one? I-5 Northbound. Does it really save gasoline? And if so, how much? Enough to make it feasable? Why isnt there one on any other road in all of the Portland Metro area? Where is the research or numbers to justify it? It is asinine to have two lanes of traffic just sitting or crawling and have one lane with about five people in it. Seems to me to be wasting more gasoline than it is saving. All those in the two lanes sitting, idling, and stopping constantly burning up fuel. Not to mention all the wasted time....  (Dec 14, 2010 | post #1)

Vancouver, WA

Vancouver has no traffic engineers

That, or they do a horrible job or maybe they just dont care. What is with traffic signals changing to red as you approach them? Im talking about the ones that turn red when no one else is coming either way. Or the ones that have turned red for you in order to let other vehicles through, but the light just sits there after everyone is through. Meanwhile, your sitting there waiting waiting waiting... Even the lights that have a green arrow. No one is in the other left turn lane and yet I am sitting and waiting for the green arrow to change so I can go forward. As you approach most intersections, sometimes you dont get there in time to get a green arrow. So now you have to sit and wait for every other rotation of lights in the intersection. Usually the whole time there is no one coming the other way. If not for the red arrow, you could safely make your turn. And sometimes, I will run that red arrow and safely make a left turn when no one is coming. Im not bringing this up because I am impatient. Although, I will say that it is rather frustrating when traffic signals alone cause a few mile trip to be ten minutes longer. I am mainly concerned about the gasoline consumption factor. We all know that now a days you need to be thinking about it more than ever before. But there is a force thats working against us. The traffic signals here in Vancouver! Think of all the gallons that you yourself have wasted while lights unnecessarily stop you in your tracks. I have even gone so far as shutting off my engine at a light that has just 'caught' me. Now think about it all across the nation. How many millions of gallons of gasoline could we save if engineers pulled their heads out of their ass!!  (May 28, 2010 | post #1)

Vancouver, WA

Immigration - Vancouver, WA

When you are caught as an illegal immigrant in another country, you go to a prison camp, are deported, serve time in jail, or are shot! In this country, when you enter illegally, you get a driver's licence, a job, health care...etc. What is wrong with this picture?  (May 28, 2010 | post #7)