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Sep 10, 2012

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Kingsport, TN


Love you to.  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #50)

Kingsport, TN


That is exactly right, if you do not like what I say in person and you so happen to get the urge to kill me from my words, then try to do so. If you succeeded then by all means you have one more person who doesnt think like you in the world, just imagine how nice that would be. I would happily give you the permission to do so. In return though, you would never have the chance. Animals fight to death sometimes and sometimes they do not. There isnt a sheriff hyena that arrest the rogue lion for killing his other pride member. Then not a DA hippopatamus at the african wilderness trial and the dumb ass public defender baboon, who dont even know your case number. Its just nature. Most of humans would not kill one another, they will find ways to coexist and then you will have others kill each other all day long. Laws create black markets,more restrictions that lead to more violence, and all kinds of civil disobedience. Look at the countries in this world that have the lowest crime rates. They ALL have the lowest amount of laws,restrictions, and bans. Such rules in America, has made us one of the lowest ranking members of a "free" society by a long shot. WE as americans, have NO freedoms anymore and its bullshit, for people like yourself. Who are willing to trade safety for freedom.  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #47)

Kingsport, TN

Should state mandate immunizations? New requirements effe...

Either way though, we would still pay for such.  (Nov 17, 2012 | post #6641)

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Should we impeach Obama?

I guess I under estimate my translations through text then. I despise the corporate media in america. All they do is slander true stories and make up bullshit for the rest of the news. What "conspiracy fantasies" am I referring to? It seems when you question "official " stories your automatically labeled a conspiracy nut and when you provide legit questions or evidence to the contrary, its instant silence. I am not assuming your entire depth of resources as you should not mine, I was generally stating that if you believe Al-Qaeda is not helped and created by our very own CIA, then your sources are obviously hiding things, just like the others do. I always wonder why when you ask questions back to people who "believe " in government lies, they never answer and start going for personal agendas, instead of staying on topic.... He is the head of state on paper, just a hint here, just cause the ever "trusting " government endorses a story or positions, does not make it true by any means. Our entire country is ran by the global rich,world banks,stock market,equity firms,federal reserve, and other not so obvious "sources ". He may make all the decisions it seems by what you hear from "american " sources, but this is not the case. To believe ANY one man can run entire country without an agenda or have "all" the answers for whats best of the country is absurd. Especially down to the bullshit candidates that we have and the corporations who "fund" their campaigns. Too insist upon one certain "person" fucking up our country, sorry to say that is just not true by any means at all. It would be very dumb to assume this, in my opinion. You did bring up the "Stats" provided as if they are truly going to relay the "truth" especially through our media sources. It does not matter as I have stated multiple of times. Our popular vote means NOTHING whatsoever, as far as who gets elected. Im not angry nor want to vindicate my "intelligence " on you, for as you could easily tell I do not have much. But for the little bit I do have, I have enough to know that our voting system is corrupt and empty. The politicians that are shown in the public are pretty much always corrupt or bought out, and the ones who are not and have legit "solutions " are never brought out through our media. Our entire basis for "news" in this country, is based on heavily weighed bullshit political agendas and backed,sourced,and bankrolled by a corrupt government. So take care and I never called you a fool, but all of what I have stated in this post and the previous are ALL true legit facts. Not assumptions or half ass reading.  (Nov 17, 2012 | post #163)

Kingsport, TN


I have no double standards, unless we are talking about killing spiders, they scare the shit out of me man. I do respect your points and definitely understand where you are coming from. I was kind of referring to the essence of before the bible, what rules was there really? For example a "sunday" based event for a "town" in the Mayan era, was to put people on a slab and rip their hearts from their body.While of course, the "ripper" would indulge himself in some sushi heart. The usual "bypass" victim, would have done nothing wrong to the "law" or to the people, he was just the unlucky fucker to get sacrificed to the "gods" of their region. So I lean towards again, what specific "laws" are you referring to? Not even close to every culture believed in not killing, they actually seemed to borderline enjoy the acts of sacrifice or simple murder. In my opinion us americans are spoiled and put in this little safety net, along with the majority of the world now. We have come to recognize these "laws" as something everyone should have known since day one of life and this is not true. I guess im referring to, man made laws has kind of taken our "nature" as "animals " away from us and with no survival of the fittest, you lose touch with who we really are and how precious life truly is. It seems beyond crazy to most, but I honestly believe there should be no laws for anything. For usually throughout times, they are abused and used for "personal " gains, in one form or another. If everyone is on the same "playing " field, then no one can hold any certain thing "over your head" or a position of power. I embrace life and want all to live as long as they enjoy their lives, not mayhem and madness, but sometimes its exactly what the planet needs along with people. Evil will be evil and good will be good, but when we starting making boundaries...  (Nov 17, 2012 | post #36)

Kingsport, TN

Whats the best thing about Kingsport? The worst?

In all relativity, this is exactly on cue with the given topic.  (Nov 17, 2012 | post #242)

Knoxville, TN

Breaking 9/11 & Its Corruption - Knoxville

Thank ya much and I gladly do this for the people, unlike ourselves who already know, the governments only interest is profits and control, nothing else. I mean in general terms, could anyone actually name ONE good thing the government has done in the past 50 years, as far as actually helping its own damn citizens out? Here is a video, that usually "hush's" people with a open mind and willing to be hesitant, but not non budging. This explains why EVERY story the government agencies has provided about 9/11 are pure lies, in regards to just the 3 towers alone. tch?v=YW6mJOqRDI4 This is another step.. Hopefully get to the point where people can start realizing not only has just this event hurt the economy but also our own damn FREEDOM. Which is basically destroyed anyways. Except now the economy is in 1st place, we are a broke ass country, whos afraid to tell their people, not cause of morals just simply out of squeezing the most out of them while they can. Thanks for the heads up great and for the post patrick. Take Care  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #4)

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Should we impeach Obama?

What exactly was it, that Bin Laden did that made him guilty? You do know who funded Bin Laden in the first place right? When do we ever serve the right as a country, to go into another country and execute/assassinat e another human? A President DOES NOT run our country, regardless of what you think of it. You being outside the US, you should at least get the real news, unless you follow the BBC? If you actually just investigate the bullshit Bin Laden STORIES, which there are way more than 1 now, you will see the obvious lies and slander, created by our lovely media and government. Take Care and bollocks to ya.  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #156)

Kingsport, TN


I never stated that I do believe in satan or the "christian " god. I think its borderline selfish of a man or woman, to assume that their god be the "only" god. Especially believing all those who lived before us was incapable of sin or sin was ok, before the bible was ever written. Or maybe the people who still has no idea of the "christian " bible, that means they must go to hell for not worshipping the christian god, especially when the modern bible even has left out stories. Abortion should never be someones business, other than the person having to take that "blow". Even if its a model citizen or a monster, it has no EFFECT on your life, regardless. To be involved with abortion, you would have to start actually caring for childrens wellfare as in knowing ALL of them have something to eat and do not suffer physically, not the wimpy mental stress. Something as sensitive as the matter of this specific choice, it is simply not your business or mine, yes it can always be arguable. To say you have a right to approve or deny it from actually happening, is completely another. Its more of a case of HOW dare we as humans to judge such an event. Take Care  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #32)

Kingsport, TN

apple bees

Only took me 4 tries! I got red shirted for pee wee football ! That makes it ok right? In all reality though, I was sought out to be a "nuisance " in my early elementary days for asking questions about jesus in school. Cause God does not like for you to ask questions, im guessing? Does anyone ever remember saying the pledge of allegiance in school? Or taking a moment of "silence " everyday, which I thought was actually really proper, no joke on that. It benefited the religious for prayer time, assholes to throw paper wads, the addhd to fidget uninterrupted, and slackers like me to do their homework.  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #25)

Kingsport, TN


Who made those laws? Thats the EXCEPTION(S). We assume these universal laws, but the truth is even more simple. Life is Life, it will end however and whenever. Yes it effects others in differents way, but that is still not ANY of our business. You cannot assume, everyone believes in the "ten commandments" , when human life was way before they was written. So all of the massive amounts of genocides and mass murders by the name of "God", just do not count? Murder is murder, no matter how you look at it. Yet we like to pick and choose the "special " cases of these events and then criticize which ones we want to "condemn ". Its entirely bullshit and creates "drama" that is never needed. Why cant our people in this country alone ever come together and take on REAL issues, cause there is obviously some very sharp people out there, who could really make a difference. We have so many issues to face at home to be discussing these simple opinion based arguments. This subject, like so many others given by the "leaders " and "media" of this country has basically mind fucked our nation, of real issues. This subject will always be based on opinions, simply by choice of either religion status,morals, and "laws". Which ALL can be argued with the other in mind and will always spin in circles. Take Care  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #27)

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Should we impeach Obama?

Do you ever happen to see the people who actually fund EITHER candidates campaigns and what they contribute,donate, and demand when their "candidate " "makes" the white house? I would suggest looking into that.. I would say a Rep, is upset cause they are losing their freedoms under his supposed "reign". Which you cannot deny in any shape,form, or fashion. IF you can deny that, then you should not be allowed to speak on his behalf, especially since you fail to name any "good" he has done, which you cannot. P.S. - I know your mad about Obama, but Romney was absolutely the same package, with a different exterior, both men have the same investors, If your a Dem, do not be that happy you guys beat Romney's crooked position either, he was just as dirty as your precious Obama. This major 2 party bullshit is absurd, Over 300 million people and 2 people to choose from.....That seems reasonable to most huh? Your popular vote didnt do shit but waste,time,air,and real news. The popular vote does not mean nothing. I mean for shits sake a REAL vote, from an electronic machine and not even knowing where the machine was made from and WHO made it. Such deep thinking by both sides its amazing most are allowed to "vote" in the first place. The President is ONLY a lightning rod - Since people will refuse to look into it, they will just talk shit and go back to tiny bullshit issues of what their "leaders " and "media" tell them to. Take Care and enjoy following the majority weak Americans, who will trade security for freedom, any day of the week.  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #149)

Johnson City, TN

Opinions may vary. . . . .

Thanks man, I failed to see that one. Is his part two today? Thats one of the best speeches to ever happen inside that building for sure.  (Nov 15, 2012 | post #58)

Kingsport, TN

Obama's 3 term

Oh yeh, us here in TN have over 19,000 votes ourselves..If we reach 25,000 then the president has to acknowledge the request in TN alone. Its also very interesting how "government " is going to approach these states and basically condemn them, for not wanting to go down with the ship entirely. In my opinion though, it seems like most of this is bandwagon jumping just cause of who is in office and fail to realize that Romney would have allowed the same bullshit to continue as well and probably involve us even more in the Israeli leg humping. You should start a thread on this subject alone, it seems many are not to keen on my post(s) and instantly ignore them or just argue them to ignore em.  (Nov 14, 2012 | post #10)

Kingsport, TN

Teachers and Morals

The peoples money, is the only real "earnings " coming in, there is no peoples money though is what I am saying. We are dead broke and living on a illusion, the entire principle of money itself, is pure debt. There is nothing legit about paper money. There should not be a "leader" of the people, unless it is chosen by the people, not other crooked politicians. The obvious is real easy, get ready for impact and be prepared for whatever may come. This is like staying on a train, where you know there is no tracks in mid trip. We are literally living in a "game over" and people are way too scared to ever face it.  (Nov 14, 2012 | post #10)

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