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Sep 7, 2011


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US Politics

Hillary Clinton rolls out the pantsuit tee

P U.  (20 hrs ago | post #7)

US News

Streets calm after 71 arrested in Cleveland protests

Perhaps there simply isn't anything worth stealing in Clevelend.  (Monday | post #5)

US News

White House hopefuls agree: Iraq war a mistake

TROLL. How original, troll. Bush didn't lie, but mistakenly relied on the intelligence provided by the agencies decimated by heis predecessor, Clinton. That same intelligence that Hillary relied upon when she argued vehemently to wage war against Iraq. So, how is it that you say Bush lied, but Hillary made a mistake? But, here's the real difference: George Bush is not running for any office. Hillary Clinton is. As you say, she made a mistake, and it was a huge one. And, it was not the only one. She lied about her taxes, she accted bribes as Secretary of State, she accepted donations from foreign nations to support her political campaigns, she destroyed evidence during a Congressional investigation, she even said that American core values have to change. Notice, I did not even mention Benghazi. That is a lot of mistakes, troll, and they're all made since the Democratic Party decided she was not good enough for the Presidency.nothing about Whitewater or her getting fired from her job investigating Watergate. How many mistakes are you willing to accept from your President?  (Sunday | post #71)

US News

Obama: Iran nuclear deal a will have my name on ita

You are delusional. I never even mentioned Obama in my post, let alone cast blame. If I never mentioned ACA, why did you include it in you reply? If you think my post included any racist elements, point them out for all to see.  (Sunday May 24 | post #19)

US Politics

Obama wins trade victory in the Senate

Who woulda thunk that Obama needs the GOP to get his programs enacted. If only he knew this 6 years ago, we'd all be better off.  (Sunday May 24 | post #4)

US News

Obama: Iran nuclear deal a will have my name on ita

what blame? Where'd I mention ACA. What, exactly did you find racist?  (Saturday May 23 | post #16)

US Politics

Sen. Lee: Chris Christie's comments on PATRIOT Act are 'p...

Repeal the Patriot Act. Open the borders and let everyone be an American citizen. Forget about Benghazi. Pay no attention to the fact that Democratic Party has no viable strategy to combat ISIL America's core values must change. The First Amendment must be repealed; every Supreme Court nomination must agree (a litmus test). If you agree, send your tax-deductible to the Clinton Foundation.  (Friday May 22 | post #3)

US News

Obama: Iran nuclear deal a will have my name on ita

Nobody in the MiddleEast likes this deal. I mean NOBODY! Of course Israel is against it. But, surprisingly, every other state is against it. Saudi Arabia has accelerated their nuclear weapon development program, for example, in response to Obama's "deal." Oh, haven't you heard? Iran doesn't like the deal either!  (Friday May 22 | post #7)

US News

White House hopefuls agree: Iraq war a mistake

TheCambodia killing fields came out of the Kennedy-Johnson illegal war, you utter dunce and liar. Nixon ended that war, imbecile. Bush didn't so much as pull out of Iraq as begin the transition of that nation to a democracy. Obama threw it all away, provided reinforcements to Muslim terrorists, and laid the foundation for the birth and growth of ISIL.  (Thursday May 21 | post #41)

US News

Pataki criticizes GOP focus on social issues

Christie?  (Thursday May 21 | post #23)

US News

Oil pipeline spills about 21K gallons off California coast

21k gallons? California burns more than that before 9A.M.  (Thursday May 21 | post #2)

US News

Clinton's super PAC needs irk progressives

The super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid is struggling to raise money and now expects to collect only about $15 million through the end of June, people familiar with the matter said Wednesday. That's less than half of what Cruz has raised already.  (Thursday May 21 | post #26)

US News

Five big banks face criminal charges and $5 billion bill ...

$5B is a lot of money! it amounts to $15k for each person in America. I can't wait for that check! ahh.. what the heck. Let the Government have it.  (Wednesday May 20 | post #12)

US Politics

'Quid Pro Quo'? Clinton faces new scrutiny over her role ...

right on. progressives like to hear what they prefer to believe. when offered reality, they go nutz. they don"t wanna hear about Hillary's lies. just a mistake to them. a person with a working brain would consider that someone prone to so many mistakes would not be fit to lead anything. not progressives though. progressives think that after so many mistakes, she's more experienced.  (Wednesday May 20 | post #84)

US News

White House hopefuls agree: Iraq war a mistake

So, you think she changed her mind. What was the mistake she was talking about? Do you think it might have been lying about Benghazi? Or, maybe it was refusing to call Boku Haram terrorists, even though they kidnapped and raped school children. Perhaps, she was talking about accepting bribes fromutin in exchange for favors. Or, maybe, it was destroying evidence during a Congressional investigation. So many mistakes. So few apologies.  (Wednesday May 20 | post #24)

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