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Sep 7, 2011


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US News

Obamas attend wedding of their longtime chef

If only it were true! But Obama is not the last bastion of the feeble minded. They are poised to support Hillary!  (6 hrs ago | post #12)

US News

Obama: 'Revving' economy calls for higher wages

Higher wages for whom? The part time workers making minimum wage. Or, the under-employed; those thankful for any job in this "reving" economy. How about investing in business here at home? Reduce the corporate tax rate so that industry stays in America? How about reducing the cost of doing business by eliminating ACA? That has been shown to be a failure that even Unions now decry. Raising the minimum wage will further dampen the growth of business here in America. The Democrat leaders who never held a productive job, Obama and Hillary included, just cannot grasp that.  (6 hrs ago | post #4)

US Politics

Only the White House is talking about a government shutdo...

Cruz's speech centered on a hawkish foreign policy, repealing the Affordable Care Act, defending constitutional rights and addressing the situation on the southern border. Obama has no foreign policy, hawkish or otherwise. His confused actions in the Middle/Near East are to blame for the rise of ISIS, according to Hillary. She is no teabagger and she is not the only Democrat who is dissatisfied with Obama's actions there. Obamacare, Obama's signature achievement, is a failure. It has never been supported by a majority of Americans and even Democrats, including unions, are dissatisfied. http://www.nationa e/359692/democrats -against-obamacare -deroy-murdock Obama attacks rather than defends constitutional rights. Obama has been chastised by the Supreme Court more than once for overstepping his constitutional authority. If our President, a self-described constitution scholar, cannot bring himself to respect his constitutional limitations and the constitutional rights of the other branches of Government as well as those of the individual states and the people and businesses who live within these states, how can we expect anyone else to live within those limitations? Now, finally, how has Obama addressed the situation on the southern border, except to make the situation wore? On more than one occasion, he has brought legal action against the states in their attempt to address the problem. Now tell us, which Democrats are satisfied with the situation on the southern border. Which Democrats say the situation has improved? No, child, this is not teabagger talk. It is America talking.  (10 hrs ago | post #5)

US Politics

Islamic State fighters eyeing attacks beyond Iraq and ins...

So, Obama won't act in defense of America unless someone acts first? What kind of leadership is that? He is clueless and that is obvious. He says he has no strategy. He calls for a war plan, but less than a week later he says force is not the solution. How can any reasonable person expect Congress to declare war (against whom?) when the COIC says he has no plan for waging that war? Would he wage that war if he had a plan, believing that force is not the solution? What are the objectives? Is it to eradicate ISIS or to merely contain ISIS? How would we decide when either objective is reached? How much are we willing to pay to achieve either objective?  (11 hrs ago | post #4)

US News

Obama's 'cautious' approach on ISIS is panned

Obama is not being cautious. He's clueless! First he calls for a war plan, then he says he has no strategy and finally says force is not the solution! So, now he doesn't need a war plan any more? And what about that strategy, Big O? Any clues on what the objectives are? Knowing those would be helpful in forming an effective strategy, don't ya think? What's that? You haven't decided on what the objectives are either? Yeah. Clueless.  (12 hrs ago | post #7)

US News

Iran: US Coast Guard fired at fishing boat

What a coincidence, John. I've been saying the same thing about Progressives!  (Saturday Aug 30 | post #6)

US News

US: Beware of giant snails

Is that what they are? I thought it was another road crew!  (Saturday Aug 30 | post #1)

US News

Obama cautions against using force to solve crises

"Obama cautions against the using force." THEN WHAT THE HELL IS HE GONNA DO WITH THE WAR PLAN HE JUST ASKED FOR?  (Saturday Aug 30 | post #26)

US News

Obama Wants New ISIS War Plan ASAP

Hmmm.... Why would Obama want a plan for attacking ISIS when he says that force is not the solution. Is Obama actually asking for a war plan for ISIS to implement?  (Saturday Aug 30 | post #28)

US News

'Obama third term' label could hurt Hilary Clinton

Perhaps. I won't argue that point with you. But, you disagreed childishly with Yep who suggested that Hillary would be worse than Barry. It seems to me that Yep is correct. Hillary would be worse. It appears to me that you now agree.  (Friday Aug 29 | post #33)

US News

Defiant Gov. Perry rejects 'outrageous' indictment

We've tried flubber in the White House and as Sec State for the past 5.5 years. Things just got worse. Got anything else?  (Thursday Aug 28 | post #141)

US News

'Obama third term' label could hurt Hilary Clinton

I don't know, Joe. After all the Democrats selected Barry over Hillary. Are you suggesting they made a mistake in backing Barry? Twice? It seems a little late to be hitching a ride on the Hillary hope-wagon.  (Thursday Aug 28 | post #24)

US News

Obama Wants New ISIS War Plan ASAP

Let's see now. Obama and his Progressive choir vilified George Bush for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, we have Obama planning war in Syria and Iraq, even while we're still in Afghanistan. He's engineered the overthrow of the Ukraine government to give his VP's son a job there; and his naive foreign policy has invited Russia to take ever-increasing belligerent action there. And, let's not ignore Obama's unannounced drone warfare in east Africa and Middle East All told, we see Obama waging war in more countries than Bush ever did, and not winning any of them! He admitted today that he has no strategy, let alone a plan. He has not expressed any clear objectives for any of his actions. Still, amazingly, he wonders why our allies don't rush to follow him. And, yet, the Progressive choir still praise him.  (Thursday Aug 28 | post #15)

US News

Obama Wants New ISIS War Plan ASAP

Leave it to Obama to make alQaeda look like the good guys.  (Wednesday Aug 27 | post #9)

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