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Nov 1, 2012

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Oklahoma City, OK

Marijuana - Oklahoma City, OK

Our greedy conservative politicians are what's keeping medical cannabis from being legalized in Oklahoma. Proof being that Senator Johnson has submitted bills for six years, and the committe chairman never recognizes it. She has submitted it again this year for an Interim Study, and Senator Crain appears to be avoiding it again, which will put it back another year unless he sets a date before the December 1st deadline. The Interim Study has doctors, scientists, researchers, professors, revenue experts, caregivers and even patients ready to fly to Oklahoma to participate in the Study. The latest Oklahoma polls reflect that 81% of Oklahomans are ready to legalize medical cannabis in order to help those that could have a better life. We just have to wait and see if Senator Crain will give it a hearing. If not, Oklahomans will be denied another opportunity to make that choice. We are not exactly as free as you would think, because one man is holding up the choice that hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans should be making. I guess we shall see. . . .  (Nov 1, 2012 | post #2101)