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Dec 6, 2011

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Brentwood, NY

Suffolk County,N.Y. CPS,DSS

and do not even get me started with that c&^% valerie zuckerman. she is a whole other story within itself  (Feb 19, 2012 | post #373)

Ronkonkoma, NY

communityy housing i nnovations - patchogue

if you are a female and you have ever been under the employ of community housing innovations, otherwise known as CHI, in patchogue, did you have steve capozzoli as a supervisor? (director of safety and security). if so, did you ever have any problems with, signs or indications of, or occurrences of sexual harassment, or the hint of sexual harassment involving him? if so, there are three former female employees of CHI who have had dealings with steve c in this respect, and they have spoken with an attorney who specializes in sexual harassment in the workplace in the case of one of the females, there were complaints stemming from other employees of unfair and preferred treatment with this female, and he approached her and forced her to resign under false pretenses, citing that the director of the agency was going to fire her (for no known reason), and "he wanted to give her a chance to resign." he lied to her face to protect himself from any further investigation into his involment with this female. the female later realized that he lied to her about the whole thing just to save his own ass and protect himself, which prompted her to begin conversing with other female employees of the agency who fell under his supervision, and was told similiar stories this female never complained because she did not want to lose her job, and with steve c being a retired cop, she also feared for her life, since he carried a firearm  (Dec 11, 2011 | post #1)

Brentwood, NY

Suffolk County,N.Y. CPS,DSS

i have a HUGE problem with evie zarkadas. she is a liar for one. she lied to a judge's face during a family court hearing, and she also perjured herself during another family court hearing. i was the complainant for a family court order of protection petition, and evie zarkadas was the repondent's attorney. the respondent had threatened me during a verbal dispute that he was going to get someone to kill me, hence the reason for the order of protection. evie zarkadas offered me cousel prior to one of the hearings, trying to sway the outcome of the hearing. a letter written to the suffolk bar association went nowhere, and they more or less laughed in my face. the matter is now in the hands of the new york state bar association, and her lies, her offering me counsel, and her perjuring herself is now under review. whomever hires her or allows her to a be a law guardian os looking for trouble  (Dec 11, 2011 | post #360)

Ronkonkoma, NY

Drinking Age - Ronkonkoma, NY

people are much too immature and irresponsible at 18 to be drinking. they think they are invincible, and they do not calculate ahead of time how their act6ions could have severe ramifications  (Dec 11, 2011 | post #1)