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May 21, 2012

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Morehead, KY

Election Poll, Sept 2011 - Morehead, KY

Personally, we need someone who will invest more in our schools. Our educational system is one of the worst in the world. People wonder why all U.S. technology companies send more jobs to Asia, but it's because they are better educated and they don't have to pay as much money. Also, someone needs to figure something out to keep the arts in our schools, and stop pumping money into ridiculous school organizations and power sports programs.  (May 22, 2012 | post #26)

Morehead, KY

Faith & Politics - Morehead, KY

Religion has no place in government. Separation of Church and State is the way it is and should be. If you let religion run our government, many people will lose freedoms and be treated unfairly. And what about people who aren't christian? We need people in government that aren't going to let their religious views influence their jobs.  (May 22, 2012 | post #10)

New Castle, KY

Tiffany Carnal is a liar

This woman has been playing a game with the Henry County community for years. Recently she has claimed that she has a "grandson " who was born recently, when she has "disowned " the mother as her "daughter " (more like "maid"). Tiffany Carnal does not have a grandson, just like she apparently doesn't have a daughter named Deven. She has no right to claim this boy as her grandson, especially because she has no biological ties to him. Do not believe anything that she says about a young woman named Deven. Tiffany "disowned " her after Deven learned the truth about her life. She has prohibited her sister from even mentioning Deven's name. And Tiffany, if you can see this, your lies are about to come unraveled, and everyone is going to know the truth. Everyone you ever talked about behind their back; everyone you ever played "friends " with; everyone you ever passed judgement on, including me. Your life as you know it is about to fall apart, and you will lose EVERYTHING. Your house, your car, your children, your "business ", your friends, your husband...everythi ng. You can say what you want. There is plenty of evidence depicting everything you have been up to. And I've chosen to stay out of the way. But you claiming MY SON as your grandson was the last straw. I will not let you get away with anything that you've done. You just wait. You won't know when. You won't know how. But your life is going to come crashing down around .piece.  (May 21, 2012 | post #1)