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Jun 9, 2011

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Manasul Tea for Constipation

The most common disorder that the people are suffering today is the constipation.To some people simply means infrequent stool, having a hard time or difficulty in passing stools, but what they didn’t know is that if they won’t take care of it soon enough it can lead to hemorrhoids. Manasul Herbal Laxative Tea works to create regularity, remove toxins, and shrink fat, enhances digestive functions and stimulates colon activity for one of several natural remedies for constipation. The retailer Store that offers free shipping with orders of $22 or more called Bio3 Natural Health.  (Aug 24, 2011 | post #1)

Leon, Spain

Bio3 Natural Health Products Unveils New “My Bio3” Campaign

Bio3’s new customer campaign invites users to share personal fitness goals and product experiences Miami, Fla. (June 8, 2011)—Bio3 Natural Health Products, the maker of organic herbal teas, all natural diet pills, herbal nutrition supplements and weight control solutions, kicks off the summer with a new campaign created for customers and by customers. The “My Bio3” campaign invites Bio3 users to weigh in on their favorite Bio3 products and discuss their goals for a fit and healthy lifestyle. The interactive campaign, which is now live on the ShopBio3 online store site, is the first of its kind for the Bio3 brand, altogether building a community of users who are focused on fitness and are committed to being healthy. Campaign participants who submit their testimonials through the website can select their favorite Bio3 product for free. Users can choose from a varied selection of Bio3’s organic and natural line of products, including Artichoke Slimcaps, Weight Control Tea, natural energy drink Energy Solution, and Chamomile Herbal Tea. Additionally, users who upload and submit a photograph of themselves with their testimonial will receive a second product at no charge. In an effort to make the Bio3 brand the brand of its users, pictures featuring participants in active environments or posing with their signature Bio3 products will be used in future company publications. About Bio3 Natural Health Products: Bio3 Natural Health Products is dedicated to the development of natural health products using herb supplements from plants for herbal health remedies. Bio3 Natural Health Products, which include all natural diet pills, organic herbal teas, health nutrition supplements, soluble drinks, and weight loss dietary supplements, are developed under the highest quality standards and each natural health product is produced with herb supplements, weight loss herbs and ingredients from plants that are grown in a free-pollution environment.  (Jun 9, 2011 | post #1)