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Jul 26, 2009

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SPC in "ecclesiastical charges" against Macedonia archbishop

Nijedna Pravoslavna crkva u svetu ne priznaje tkzv Makedonsku pravoslavnu crkvu a kamoli Crnogorsku pravoslavnu crkvu!  (13 hrs ago | post #3)


Filaret: Ne priznajem Srpsku pravoslavnu crkvu

A sta je bese Crnogorska pravoslavna crkva??  (19 hrs ago | post #2)


Serbia must recognize Kosovo before joining EU

Do you have any idea how strong Russia is?! Can begin to comprehend how many nuclear weapons Russia has?! They don't what to do with it! Russia is the most powerful country in the world! Maybe in history.  (19 hrs ago | post #15)


Pope Francis explains why he chose Albania

The point is that Catholic never ever mentioned much less apologized for the Holocaust they helped and GLADLY participated in! Catholic Church NEVER publicly admitted their support of Independent State of Croatia which they gave WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Catholic Church never ever mentioned that they helped some of the WORST MONSTERS in human history to escape! They helped thousands of ustasa and Nazis escape! They used so called"rat channels"! They helped Pavelic escape! Just to give an example! For 70 years nothing! Not a word! No recognition or apology! Nothing! Also there a question of stolen Serbian and Jewish property during the Holocaust! That's how those thousands of the ustasa and Nazis financed their escape! They escaped to Spain, Argentine or other Southamerican country. Even to the US!  (Friday | post #14)


Albanian forest stealers killed a Serb!!

Albanian forest stealers killed Serbian police officer Stevan Sindjelic( age 30)!. Stevan passed away early this morning at the Militarymedical Academy in Belgrade. One Albanian forest stealer was killed in a gunfight, the other one was wounded.  (Thursday Aug 28 | post #1)


The Church of Saint Sava

Absolutely beautiful! :D  (Thursday Aug 28 | post #2)


Do you want Yugoslavia to get back together?

NO!  (Thursday Aug 28 | post #184)


Once more on fascism knocking on the Balkan doors by Hajr...

Ceka tebe tvoj Poglavnik :)  (Tuesday Aug 26 | post #935)


Once more on fascism knocking on the Balkan doors by Hajr...

Ici ces ti tamo VRLOOOOO brzo!  (Tuesday Aug 26 | post #928)


Once more on fascism knocking on the Balkan doors by Hajr...

MRSSSS!! DJUBRE JEDNO! MRSS!  (Monday Aug 25 | post #912)


Parada zarobljenika u Donecku

Imas PMS nacisto??  (Monday Aug 25 | post #3)


Evropska Unija najvecsi prijatelj Srbije

Samo laj nacisto!  (Sunday Aug 24 | post #18)


Once more on fascism knocking on the Balkan doors by Hajr...

Words of the Truth! https://www.youtub uGVE7rs  (Sunday Aug 24 | post #895)


Evropska Unija najvecsi prijatelj Srbije

Battle of Cer, Battle of Kolubara, Battle of Drina! Also fights at Kajmakcalan. And the breach on the Solun front- All done by Serbs!  (Sunday Aug 24 | post #11)


Inmate murders his wife during prison visit

Jel si ti normalan?!  (Saturday Aug 23 | post #6)

Q & A with Shomi






Novi Sad,Pancevo

Local Favorites:

Tv Prva, Novosti,Radio Tri,Kurir,Avala(because of shows with animals,I love animals)...

I Belong To:

I'm Orthodox Christian.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm going out,chatting,listening to music,Youtube,Myspace,getting massages...

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Because I will try to lead healthy,normal discussi

I'm Listening To:

Pop music,I like music general

Read This Book:

Return of Russia(biography of Vladimir Putin)

Favorite Things:

I'm into music,going out nice atmosphere,kind and good people.I don't like mean people

On My Mind:

I'm friendly and direct to others

Blog / Website / Homepage:

I don't have that

I Believe In:

I believe in God.And people should treat each other equally.