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Sep 27, 2012

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New iPhone software update sucks

I'm sorry. Perhaps I'm the only crazy person on the planet who feels this way but I am really disappointed in the new Apple iPhone software update. I read all about the proposed '200 new features' that were supposedly going to be introduced in the latest update and I was counting down the days until the update became available to download. Like an excited little kid on Christmas morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn when the day finally arrived and ran to my computer with my iPhone. Well.... Question... 200 new features? Where? Where are these features? Nothing has changed. For better, anyway. I'll give you the 'real' overview of this software update: - No more YouTube. Yep. Apple failed to mention that in any of their promotions of the update. There's a separate YouTube app you can download but it's terrible. Really slow; drastically reduced audio and video quality. The iPhone YouTube app was probably what I used most frequently. The fact that I'll never be able to use that app ever again is absolutely devastating. - The new Maps app is really terrible. Apple advertised it as an 'improvement' to the existing app but it's a completely new (inferior) app that they had to design themselves because they are no longer buddies with Google (same reason YouTube is no longer available). Being someone who travels a fair bit for work, I relied on Google maps daily and it was always fantastic, never had issues with it. The new map is completely unreliable. The directions are incorrect a lot of the time and as a result, I have got lost a few times; the zoom function doesn't work properly and the street names take forever to load so it's not reliable when you need to figure out where to turn but the street names don't load in time so you miss your turn. Also, with the previous google maps, I could rotate the iPhone and therefore the map so I could view it at different angles. With the new map, if you rotate the phone, the map rotates with it so you can only see the map at one angle. - The select, copy, paste function doesn't work as well as it used to. When I try to select text sometimes, it selects it and then unselects it. This never happened before. - The new layout for the App Store is really slow to load and annoying to use. - The phone in general is just really slow and sluggish. Letters freeze up while you're typing using the keyboard, emails and text messages seem to take forever to load etc.. Updating the iPhone software was the biggest let down, ever. Seriously, if they don't bring back YouTube and Google Maps and improve the software speed and functionality, I'm going to consider switching to another smart phone. It's been almost 5 years and I never thought I'd ever switch to anything else until now, but I think the YouTube and Google maps were the best apps on the phone and now that they are gone, the iPhone has kind of lost its appeal. Also, one of the things I found superior in the iPhone compared to other smart phones was that the touch screen was super quick and highly responsive. That has seemed to deteriorate over the past year but especially since the latest update, I've found it's at its worst. For a software update that was supposed to bring hundreds of benefits, this one seems to have only taken away the key benefits of the iPhone and introduced unwanted bugs. Is anyone else as disappointed as I am?  (Sep 27, 2012 | post #1)