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Mar 26, 2012

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horny girl never had sex before looking for a first?!

I have a certificate in Voodoo, so I could raise the corpse of Jimmy Saville if you'd like. Or I could jailbreak Rolf and he could do an autographed sketch for you. Just don't go looking for compo in thirty years' time, because you suddenly have a 'recollection' of something that might have happened (along with 200 other girls who claim the same). Topix staff - just be prepared to give the 'lessons have been learned' speech on TV. Works every time....  (Sep 3, 2014 | post #8)

still a virgin and I want a boyfriend

I swear to God, Mad Shouty Bus Woman on Oxford Road is saner than a lot of people on here. Anyone want to give me an update (if you're still alive?).  (Sep 3, 2014 | post #5)

Bluestops ~Loose 10 mg Roche ~pay pal accepted

I must be a real lightweight - I've never bought more than 100 at once! Or maybe I'm just a little skint from buying research chemicals and then having to continually re-purchase because any I buy have this weird habit of just jumping up my nose ....hang on - could that also be the reason I don't own a Rolls Royce with a beautiful model girlfriend draped over the bonnet? Wow, this might be one of those epiphanies, a spiritual journey of self awareness towards true wisdom... Anyway, enough of all that bollocks. Can I have a price list, too? Thanks. P.S. You don't happen to have any MDAI as well do you? Only I'm still thinking of that woman draped over the car, and want to know what else might have been, what really is and what might still be. I'm also starting to wonder about alternate universes and the Trousers of Time. If I'm not on anything soon though then I might be distracted by Coronation Street, or something.  (Dec 23, 2013 | post #67)


Islam Will Conquer Italy and the Entire West

I thought that Spain and Israel would be first on the list before Italy, being former 'Muslim territories', which by your faith, must be taken back as a priority? Israel's too difficult though, so you'll just fire rockets into it with sole purpose of killing as many Jews as you can - preferably schoolkids in Sderot. And Spain? Members of NATO, even if they are getting bolshy over Gibraltar again. Spain's too hard, too. And if Islam did conquer the west, what would happen next? You'd all go to war with each other, because you wouldn't agree on which interpretation of Islam was correct. There'd be fatwas flying around like racing pigeons on speed. Most Christians got over that problem centuries ago, and a protestant could now walk into a catholic bible study class and risk nothing worse than being offered a bad cup of tea (Northern Ireland excepted, of course). We in the west have grown up a bit, you see. You owe the Russians a debt of gratitude, by the way - if the AK47 hadn't been invented, you'd probably still be killing Christians, Jews, the wrong type of Muslim and anyone else who offended you with clubs and rocks. Just ignore those American gun safety rules, as they're all infidels anyway. Remember - always keep your finger on the trigger with the safety off, point it in the general direction of yourself or your fellow mujahadeen, and fire it in the air occasionally to waste ammo, and in the certain knowledge that what goes up will not come back down, as long it's done in the name of Allah (PBUH).  (Aug 16, 2013 | post #257890)

Xr and Ir Adderall pills now

God, is there anything this guy DOESN'T sell? He's just offered me 1000 vals for £120. I've been winding him up a bit by email, promising that I'll make a purchase at the end of the month, PROVIDED that he's not revealed as a scammer in the meantime (as I knew he would be). He's a creepy sod but hilarious at the same time - saying he needs assurance that I'll place an order, and he keeps saying 'I'll be waiting', as if he's a mafia druglord who'll hunt me down if I don't play ball. Yes, Mr "Drugs 'R Us" or Alexander or whatever your name is, I bet you trained as a ninja, too. And you would have preferred to have joined the SAS but they rejected you because you were just too damn hard... You should have applied to the Gurkhas. They have this thing where once they draw their knives, then their blades must draw blood. A bit like you with your keyboard - once you've gotten it out, then it cannot not be put away again until you've spouted bullshit all over the place. Do you have special rituals for it, such as not letting it ever placed on the floor, or not allowing it to be touched by unclean infidels (people who tell the truth)? Your real name is Neville, but you prefer to be known as Brenda at weekends (when you come up from the basement to borrow your mum's clothes), and you call your penis Minime - except when you've been watching porn whilst eating Wotsits, in which case you call it Agent Orange. Do I win £5?  (Aug 16, 2013 | post #3)

BENZO WITHDRAWAL ready for hell?

I hate to even mention this, as it's such a risky option...but something called phenibut might help (I can just imagine people in the know screaming 'NOOOO!' at my saying that word!) with the anxiety, but probably not take away all of the withdrawal symptoms as it mainly hits the GABAb receptors rather than GABAa, which I think benzos agonize. It's legal, too, but if you go down that road, be very careful...toleranc e builds quickly and dependence can develop in as little as a week. If you choose to use it, don't go more than a few (probably just a couple is safer) days in a row. Or use it on alternate days for no longer than a week. If you've never heard of it, then there are threads on Bluelight about it. It's effective, but don't fuck with it or it will fuck you twice as hard. It's just a suggestion to give you the option of taking a legal and easy to obtain substance that may help, but please be very careful and do some research into it first. I feel irresponsible even mentioning Phenibut as a possible option if you already have an addiction to GABAergenics (spelling?). Other people's advice is probably much better (and safer). It's just something that I would suggest as only a last resort, or in case of emergencies. If you take it, remember that you're playing with fire. Actually, more like playing with a nuke, with a countdown starting every time you pick it up, and counting down faster the longer you hold onto it. As other people have said, a taper is probably the best option, with Kava or other herbal supplements to help (ashwagandha and bacopa are supposed to have some affinity for the GABA receptors, and I think Rhodiola too, although Rhodiola can also cause anxiety at some doses). They're all cheaply available on ebay. I've never had a benzo addiction, but my best mate at work is an alcoholic (he's been dry for 16 years), and he described the hell that he went through (I know that the withdrawals are similar, which is why I'm very careful when taking phenibut - I use it but never abuse it because I'm too scared of the possible consequences). Good luck mate, and hope you get through the worst of it soon.  (Aug 16, 2013 | post #92)

anyone got gabapentin for proper prices?

This is a bit random (and possibly disgusting), but did you know that around 99% of gabapentin and lyrica is excreted in the urine completely unchanged? That means if you're ever really desperate, you can get by on just a few capsules, by constantly drinking your own piss. Just saying! It's always an option though, if you're brave or desperate mother gets over-prescribed gabapentin (she takes 3 a day, but gets 112(?!?)every month). She's let me have a strip of 10 now and then, but I haven't been brave enough to try to recycle it yet. Probably might not be much point anyway, as tolerance is supposed to build really quickly. I've been high on it a couple of times (like a dopey, brain-fogged relaxed and chatty feeling with a bit of falling over in a hilarious way), but if I take it too often, then it loses some of its effects. It's supposed to be helpful for opiate withdrawal, though. I have a codeine habit, so I might try it for that purpose one day.  (Aug 16, 2013 | post #12)

anyone selling valium?

I had a reliable supplier, but he hasn't replied to my PM yet. He might not come here any more, but if I do get a reply I'll let you know and point you in the right direction.  (Aug 16, 2013 | post #2)

Valium Wanted Urgently

As I've just told another poster, Sparks Havant is legit and reliable (he takes Paypal). You could try sending him a PM, but I sent him one earlier and haven't had a reply yet. Maybe he's changed his email address, and doesn't get PM alerts any more. And to the people who were suspicious a while back about me banging on about him all the time, no, I'm not him and don't know him personally (I wish I did, it's be easier to get hold of valium). I just find him to be very reliable, and that's great when there are so many scammers on here. I just hope he comes back and checks his PMs soon...  (Aug 16, 2013 | post #9)

Legit Valium sellers on hear ??

Sparks Havant is the real deal (£25 for 100 c10s), but I haven't seen him around for a while. I sent him a PM today, but haven't had a reply yet. I also found a legit etizolam seller (I know it's not as long lasting as diazepam), but I can't remember his name now...  (Aug 16, 2013 | post #2)

fake £20 notes £6 each

Oh, and you do know that banknotes aren't printed on actual paper, don't you? Look good from a distance? So all we have to do now is keep them dry and find a half-blind shopkeeper who handles notes with a prosthetic hand. Let me know if you've ever had any luck....  (Jul 12, 2013 | post #528)

fake £20 notes £6 each

Will the Tesco self-service machine take photocopies? No. Will my local shop take photocopies? No. THe homeless people in Manchester city centre might take them, but am I an evil bastard who'd like to get them arrested when they try to use them to buy a Subway? No. If these were plausible copies, you'd be spending them instead of flogging them. Just how stupid do you think people are? True, if you worked for the government you could print as much money as you wanted and call it quanitative easing, but I'm guessing you don't live at 11 Downing Street.  (Jul 12, 2013 | post #527)

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Rochdale canal

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Myself hopefullly, although I'll be pleasantly surprised to find that I belonged to God.

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