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Oct 23, 2013

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Miura Group Tokyo Japan Network

The history of Miura began with the development of the Z Boiler in 1959. Our motto states, “Miura aims to be your best partner for energy, water and environment with our Techno-service Revolution.” Our competence is grounded in the expertise gained as the market leader for small once-through boilers in Japan. Miura provides new products and services that satisfy the requirements of customers in the fields of heat energy, water treatment, and environmental solutions. Today, as the leader in the fields of energy, water, and the environment, we aim to grow into a trusted global company. Read more: http://www.miuraz. l  (May 31, 2015 | post #1)

Daly and Associates Hong Kong Administrative: Media & News

Our focus on matters concerning important administrative law matters, particularly those concerning human rights, mean that many of of cases have far reaching implications. We will strive to provide important news concerning our work on this page. October 2014 'Refugee and Non-Refoulement Law in Hong Kong: The Introduction of the Unified Screening Mechanism' Mark Daly's article, 'Refugee and Non-Refoulement Law in Hong Kong: The Introduction of the Unified Screening Mechanism', appeared in the October 2014 edition of 'Hong Kong Lawyer'. In this article, Daly contends that whilst the Unified Screening Mechanism was a welcome development that marks the beginning of a new area of law in Hong Kong, it is not without issue. The main issue being that the system was cobbled together as a piecemeal reaction to litigation and now places an undue burden on the courts to provide guidance and overturn flawed decisions. 9/9/2013 - 'Hong Kong's New Asylum System Harder to Exploit' SCMP The Immigration Department has claimed the new Unified Screening Mechanism set to take place at the end of 2013 will plug the loopholes in the process. The Department further claimed that the 28 day contentious deadline for submitting supporting documents would not be extended. In this article, Mark Daly discusses his concerns about whether or not all three claims would be statutory under the new system. 28 February 2014 - 'Foreign Domestic Workers Across Asia Rise Up Over Exploitation' - The Guardian An article regarding foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong speaking out about their working conditions and being treated like second class citizens appeared in 'The Guardian'. In this article, Mr Mark Daly states that Hong Kong is slow to change the attitude towards a multicultural society based on respect and dignity. 27/7/13 the Pearl Report - 'Life in Limbo' The Pearl Report recently featured a program on the plight of refugees in Hong Kong. The Report looked at, in particular, the system of ISS and the right to work. Mr Mark Daly, the firm's principal, is featured in this program. 27/6/2013 Hong Kong Government finally introduces a unified system to screen asylum / non-refoulement claims in Hong Kong 3 months after the judgment in C & Ors, the Hong Kong Government has decided to introduce to the Legislative Council, on 2 July 2013, its intention to expand the current scope of the torture claim screening mechanism to include assessments of persecution risks and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment ("CIDTP" ) risks. We have advocated for this unified system for many years and are pleased to learn of the Government's intention, despite its serious delays in making this decision. The Security Bureau just published a paper in respect of the new unified screening mechanism (see link). We note that the paper provides very few details about the scheme and will reserve our comments when they are unveiled. 25/3/2013 BBC - "Hong Kong court denies domestic worker residency" "Hong Kong's top court has ruled that domestic workers are not eligible to apply for permanent residency, ending a two-year battle that has split opinion." Read more: http://www.barnesd http://www.barnesd  (Apr 12, 2015 | post #1)

Brooklyn, NY

LTD & Associates: Security Consulting & Special Event Coo...

LTD & Associates Inc. is regarded as an industry leader of Security Consulting Solutions and Special Event Coordination in Canada and we do not take that ranking lightly. Whether it be: • Corporate Security • Due Diligence Issues • Employee Dismissal Coordination • Executive Protection • Information Systems Security • Personal Security • Security Management • Special Event Coordination Security Experience LTD & Associates Inc. has the experience to handle any situation. Our clients include: • Conference Hosts & Coordinators • Consulting Firms • Film Industry • Financial Institutions • Government • Hotels • Insurance Industry • Pharmaceutical Companies • Private individuals Read Full Article About: http://www.ltdsecu  (Mar 4, 2015 | post #1)

Personal Finance

5 Ways to Really Secure a Tax Refund from Identity Fraud

Here are Chapman’s top five recommendations for really preventing Stolen Identity Refund Fraud from affecting you. 1. File Your Tax Return in January. This is your absolute best defense. If you have all your tax records, you should file your tax return as soon as the IRS starts to process tax returns, this year on January 20th. If you have already filed your return and an identity thief attempts to file a fraudulent tax return later, the fraudulent tax return will be rejected. First one to file wins. 2. Make a Claim On Your IRS Account Right Now. If you can’t file your return now, m offers a patent pending process that places a claim on your account without having to immediately file your tax return. They provide the IRS with notice of your claim on your account along with a nominal deposit from you (under $10), which you get back with your refund. If anything goes awry, they warranty their service and will take care of the administrative details to get your refund to you as soon as possible and clean up your account. 3. File Your Tax Return Early Based Upon the Best Information You Have. If you do not have all your tax documents, you could file a tax return based upon your best estimate. For example, your paycheck stub may be an adequate substitute for your W-2. You can then file an amended return (Form 1040X) once you have all your tax documents. It is much more difficult to do your taxes this way, but you would have a return on file before the identity thief. This is not recommended for complex returns. Many tax professionals believe that filing 1040X increases your likelihood for an audit. You can’t e-file Form 1040X, so prepare to wait longer for any additional monies owed you. If your estimate is wrong, you could be required to pay. 4. Paper vs. E-file: Choose Paper. Tell your tax preparer you don’t want to e-file, and you will file a paper return by mail. That way, if your tax preparer defrauds you, (it happens more than you think) the IRS will write you a replacement check. If you E-file, the IRS will direct you to collect from your preparer. There is a little extra paperwork, you will have to buy some stamps, and you will wait longer for your refund, but at least you will know that you are getting your refund. 5. Reduce the Size of Your Refund. It’s too late to do this for 2014 taxes, but if you consistently get a large refund every year, you can adjust your withholdings and get your refund in small chunks with every paycheck. If an identity thief does file a fraudulent return against your account, you will not lose as much money. If you count on a big refund to fund large purchases, you will have to start a regular savings regiment instead. If you make a mistake you could owe money. You may still have to deal with the IRS to correct your account  (Feb 3, 2015 | post #1)

Repairs and Maintenance of J & L Bradley Plumbing and Hea...

Our service team also carry out general repairs and maintenance including: - Fault finding and repairs on boilers and heating systems - Replacement of faulty components - Tracing and repair of gas and water leaks - Same day call outs We can call to trace and diagnose faults on central heating systems and all types of domestic boilers and repair or replace faulty components including central heating pumps, printed circuit boards, fans, valves, room stats, expansion vessels, ball valves, thermostatic radiator valves etc. Tracing of gas leaks and repairs on gas pipes and central heating pipes are also carried out by our service engineers. Our service team also are on hand to attend to any emergencies that may arise and where possible will call on the same day to try to rectify the problem, or make an appliance safe. For more information visit J & L Bradley Plumbing and Heating Engineers @ http://www.jandlbr adleyplumbingandhe Source: http://www.jandlbr adleyplumbingandhe s.html  (Jan 9, 2015 | post #1)

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Facilities available in the Bradley Research Group

Microarrayers: Genetix QArray Mini -contact printer Microdrop -non-contact piezo dispenser Scienion S5 sciFLEXARRAYER -HT non-contact piezo dispenser Scanners: LaVision Bio Analyzer 4F - Fluorescence Imager for Micro DNA Slides IMSTAR –High Performance microscope using PathFinder TM technology HPLC facilities: Two analytical HPLCs: Agilent 1100 with auto-samplers LC/MS: Agilent 1100 with ES and APCI mass detector and auto-sampler Two semi-preparative automated Agilent 1100 with auto-samplers and automated fraction collector GPC Agilent 1100 auto-sampler Others: BD FACS Aria. - High performance flow cytometer with improve cell sorter technology Liberty Microwave Peptide Synthesiser from CEM Robotic microwave Coulter LS series - Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyser MultiPROBE IIEx Liquid Handling System Tensor27 FT-IR Spectrometer Weblink: http://www.combich s.htm Visit our website: http://www.combich  (Dec 22, 2014 | post #1)

The Lexington Islington's Finest New Music Venue and Loun...

Bar Reviews From The Guardian "north London's Lexington now caters to hungry, cowboy-booted customers with an expanded menu" From Party Earth "what might seem like a laid back bar with a cosy atmosphere with great food.... is not all it seems, head upstairs to see some of the best new and old acts playing rock and punk with a cheeky dash of singer songwriters. you won't be disappointed visiting this bar." From Fluid London "one of the best Sunday roasts in London!" Live Reviews Review ( http://www.thelexi s ) of the Lydia Lunch show all-dayer "London. Brilliant. Ignore all that stuff you hear about people not talking to each other on the rattling old underground or the overpriced beer in anywhere not called Wetherspoons. " Sleaford Mods at The Lexington "The crowd pours out of The Lexington ( http://www.thelexi ), muttering, “Fucking hell”, and “That was intense.” They’re not wrong. The Sleaford Mods have been declared the voice of Britain in the 21st century, if that’s the case I’m afraid we may all be just a little bit fucked."  (Oct 21, 2014 | post #1)

Finlay and Associates: Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services Payroll, accounts receivable & accounts payable, and preparation of financial statements are just some of the day to day bookkeeping services that can be provided by Finlay & Associates. Accounts Receivable Management We will process invoices, handle cash receipts, prepare and mail monthly statements and provide you with monthly aging reports. We will also reconcile your accounts receivable each month. Accounts Payable Management In addition to processing and prioritizing your payables, we will provide you with monthly aging reports and reconciliation of your payables. Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation All your bank and credit card statements will be reconciled each month. If you have internet features with any of your accounts, we can save you time by downloading them directly into your accounting system before reconciliation. Month End Closing In addition to reconciling your accounts payable and accounts receivable each month, we will also reconcile your other balance sheet accounts and review the income and expense accounts for accuracy. We will do any adjusting and recurring journal entries that need to be done. Financial Statements and Management Reports We will provide custom designed financial statements and management reports. Do you want previous year comparison statements, or current period and year to date comparisons? Tell us what bookkeeping reports you need and we will design them to your specifications. Other day to day QuickBooks bookkeeping services include; • Payroll preparation • Monthly/quarterly payroll + HST filing • Miscellaneous bookkeeping and administrative work Year End Accounting We can simplify things at the end of the year for you by conducting a year end review of your books and gathering the information for the annual audit and/or tax returns. This consists of, but is not limited to, analyzing the balance sheet and income and expense accounts, making any necessary adjustments and preparing schedules, with the appropriate backup, for all the balance sheet accounts. Fixed Asset Management Managing fixed assets can be a time-intensive process that you probably would like to forget about but can't afford to ignore. We can set up a fixed asset management system that is easy for you to use, or we can manage it for you. Fixed Asset Detail would include: purchase date, serial number, and manufacturer, as well as life of asset and depreciation method. Depreciation would be calculated monthly or annually. We can also project the depreciation expense for future periods. Accumulated depreciation and book value will also be calculated. Cash Flow Projections Cash management is crucial. When will your receivables come in? Are you paying your bills too quickly? Will you be able to meet next month's payroll? How much cash will you have in 3 months? Will you need a bank line of credit this year? Cash flow projections work in conjunction with your financial statements to provide the answers to these questions. Working closely with you, we will prepare cash flow projections that will alert you to any cash shortages that may lie ahead, providing you with enough time to develop appropriate strategies. Other Accounting Services Include: • Budgeting • Inventory control • Inventory analysis • Interacting with outside auditors • Overhaul existing accounting systems • Accounting system setup on new and existing companies • Implement record keeping and accounting procedures • Business Planning • Miscellaneous accounting and administration Source: http://www.finlay- ex.cfm?i=13291 &mid=4&min istryid=24334  (Jul 4, 2014 | post #1)

Baker & McKenzie Study Reveals Key Steps

Asia Pacific, 11 September 2013 – Baker & McKenzie Barcelona Fraud Lawyers has launched a social media industry report Social Media: The Opportunities and Constraints in Southeast Asian Emerging Markets that examines the Southeast Asian social media landscape and provides a step-by-step guide on how companies can develop an effective social media strategy to address opportunities and challenges in the region. A copy of the report is available at: http://www.bakermc lMedia. This Social Media report follows from two previous Baker & McKenzie market reports - Riding the ASEAN Elephant and Investment in High-Growth Markets specifically addressing key business issues and market changes in Southeast Asia. Individual use of social media is prolific and growing, and social commerce is identified as the next big growth area with both global and local platforms working through the terrain. Across Southeast Asia, some 530 million individuals carry more than 600 million phones, of which more than half are already engaged in some form of social media However, the challenges for organizations throughout the region can be confronting. Data protection, data sovereignty, and intellectual property rights are all increasingly contentious issues for which there is no consistent regulatory response. The study revealed that less than 20% of the 68 companies across Southeast Asia surveyed in the Report have an interactive media strategy, with less than 5% having a coherent internal and social networking program. Industries are also at different phases in terms of their engagement with social media, with the hospitality, travel and finance industries leading the pack; and telecoms, advertising, banking, publishing, medical, retail and education trailing behind. All of these sectors, however, have yet to reach their full potential in social media engagement. While opportunities abound, the regulatory environment surrounding social media remains uncertain. Countries across the region are at different stages of development in social media and each have their own set of local laws with limited or no coordinated regional framework in place. This makes navigating the social media landscape and managing social media risks quite difficult for companies using social media across jurisdictions, in particular in relation to issues such as data protection, data sovereignty and intellectual property rights. [READ FULL AT http://www.bakermc udyRevealsEffectiv eSocialMediaStrate gySoutheastAsia/]  (Oct 23, 2013 | post #1)