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Oct 10, 2012

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Mr. Jeff You need to remove your opinion from the word especially when teaching, remember you shall be judged with a harder judgment. To many times interpreting the truth leads to misrepresenting the truth, so to understand with clarity what is said, you must go to the language it was written in and the language will tell you what the document says. (Gen. 1:12) GOD brings forth every herb with seed of its own and calls it good. (GEN 1:29) he gives it to man saying; to you it shall be for MEAT. (( MEAT in Strong's Hebrew Dictionary is # 402 the Hebrew word "oklah" meaning = food, eat, from Strong's # 401 to which they both have the root word Strong's # 398 the Hebrew word "akal" it is their primary root which means to consume, to burn up, to devour. GODS purpose is to bless us, and all he gives us is to benefit us. Please everyone research this see if I share in truth. Yes people will exploit and misuse it just like alcohol, but GOD does not say don't drink wine, he says don't be drunk with wine, there will be a consequence. Please be blessed with truth and may wisdom guide you in health and ever closer to the creator, and keep you all from over indulgence. IGL SD iegd  (Oct 11, 2012 | post #12591)