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Mar 8, 2012

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Oran, MO

DEADEBEAT so called "dad"

I am soooooo freakin sick of a certain someone thinking its everyone elses job to help take care of his kids...He has 5 kids, 2 which are grown and married (one with children)and wont hit a lick.Hes been in and out of jail and prison and still WILL NOT work.His mom and his gf keep paying his way so of course why should he get a damn job when hes got them to pay his bills and buy his cigs and booze and whatever else he does. I have busted my ass for years to make ends meet while he just jumps from one house to the next satying with who ever will let him. Thats not helping him at all. Im soo glad I raised our kids cuz I sure dont want them them to be ANYTHING like him. He lies about everything to everyone. I guess he thinks eventually I will give up on my quest to make him pay his dues on child support but he is SADLY mistaken...I already know what im supposed to do to drag him back to court after my youngest turns 18. Im not letting it go..and to think that sorry excuse wants to bring more kids into this world! Really?! I hope God would not let him disappoint anymore innocent children. I cant figure out how in the hell he get these dumbass girls to support him...they must have serious self esteem me ladies, you CAN do soooo much better..and dont let him knock u up unless youre prepared to support that child by yourself cuz hes NOT gonna help you..He has no home , no job, no car, no pride. A simple job would keep him out of so much trouble but its sad he cares so little about his kids that he would rather go to jail thean do right by them...At least I know they have me and my Husband they can depend on..someday KARMA is gonna creep up on him and punch him right in the face! Damn I wish my name was  (Mar 8, 2012 | post #1)