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Oct 27, 2015

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Brian Torchin: Recruiter of Great Chiropractors

I've heard of Brian Torchin before. Seems like he's really growing his practice these days. Cool that Torchin seems to be helping out other people in the field too. Seems like the medical industry is always growing, at least to me anyway. In my opinion Torchin found a brilliant niche, and is doing his best to make the most of that. I know I've thought about getting a job in physical therapy, or something like chiropractics before. Didn't really pan out for me in the end, but I'm happy to see other people really succeeding and taking that to the next level. Plus a staffing agency is a cool idea. I used to work at a hospital as a technician, and we always had openings and couldn't really find enough people to work sometimes. Smart idea for a profession that's only going to create more and more jobs as we go along.  (Oct 27, 2015 | post #8)