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Sep 2, 2014

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Women Hid Stolen Watches in Their Vaginas in Bizarre Vega...

Lmao. How loose were they? Damn.  (Sep 2, 2014 | post #38)

Houston, TX

Sleeping with a 23 year old man and I'm a 36 year old fem...

Nothing wrong if he is single, but if he is with someone...karma is a b!tch. If you want someone good to you don't do that another woman. Or you are just being a hypocrite. Guys at 23 are rabbits and most aren't mature enough to be with one woman for too long. We are not monogamous beings but we can be faithful if we are at that level in our lives. Most guys take forever to grow up. Really grown or not, in your 20s you are still maturing to be fully grown in the mind not just the body. And women always get there hearts involved it seems and can't accept its just sex. Not all but most. Sad yet so true.  (Sep 2, 2014 | post #41)