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Jun 17, 2013

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A living nightmare.

I forgot to mention we did go through 2 treatments of Permethrin. I'm afraid to take anymore as they may develop an immunity to the Permethrin. The clove oil has been proved to kill them, which is a natural substance. Itching is bearable, a lot better than it was last week  (Jun 18, 2013 | post #5)


A living nightmare.

Hello, My name is Shane, and hopefully someone will tell me this is all a bad dream, I will wake up and It'll all be over. But I doubt that will happen. I recently caught scabies and, obviously, infected my house too. Its me, my mum and cat who live here, plus my mum's boyfriend who comes occasionally. Me and my mum have scabies and my cat is carrying them on her fur as she's itching intensively despite flea treatment being used on her, which suggests the scabies are in her fur irritating her. The scabies are in our hair, nose, ears, as well as every other part of our body. Trying to rid ourselves of scabies is immensely difficult due to my mum currently going through secondary bone cancer, meaning she is constantly in bed usually sleeping with strong pain killers, and she finds it extremely difficult to move, therefore her bathing and showering EVERY DAY is out of the picture, its simply too much for her. I am incredibly worried the scabies will manifest on her into the variation of crusted scabies, due to the chemotherapy she is currently undertaking, thus weakening her immune system. I have taken action and I have bought diatomaceous earth which I have spread around the house, in the beds and on my cat. I have mixed the DE into olive oil, a formula I found on here, which we rub into our skin morning and night. I have bought sulfur soap, neem soap as well as sulfur shampoo. I wash our clothes with borax in the washing machine, on a hot wash. However, we do not have a dryer nor an airing cupboard so I find myself resorting to ironing everything 2 or 3 times on a high setting with steam. I have purchased mattress and pillow cases to trap the mites in the pillows and mattresses and I am ironing the bedding everyday 3 times to, hopefully, kill the mites. I have bagged and put away many items which are likely to be infested. We have a steam cleaner for the floor coming, hopefully soon. Its only been a few days and its already making me lose the will to live, I can't imagine having it for years which is what I've read on here. I am really trying all that I can. Its only been a few days we've started with the DE treatment. However if anybody else has any other suggestions or words of advice I would really appreciate it. I will update anything new on her and thank you for reading.  (Jun 17, 2013 | post #1)