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Feb 15, 2012

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Recommendation: Perytons Sniffers

I have looked at the different 802.15.4 sniffers available in the market and found the one by Perytons ( to be quite outstanding, from my novice's point of view. Among the features these guys' tool has I can mention the following (based on the 30 days free evaluation they provide and the demo video clips included in their website): The Time View section; where you can see messages over time, including links between messages (like message and its acknowledgement, pair request and response, etc.). The messages can be grouped by different parameters including channels (they can capture all 16 channels simultaneously), device ID, addresses and highest protocol layer. The messages graphic length is actually shown proportional to its time transmission! Message View section that shows details of the messages in either graphic or table forms and in value or text formats. They also show there message comparison and search results from the sophisticated find tool they have in the analyzer. They allow you to include free text notes to messages and devices in the different views (Time, Message and Network). They have a Message Tree View section where they show the fields in color coded format and where you can dive into the bits and pieces of every message – they show, the information in HexaDecimal, ASCII, and even the bits within each byte are marked with special colors. They show data that has been encrypted and also the deciphered resulting bytes (they support a wide list of security algorithms and options!). They have an auto-discovering Network Window section that builds up based on the information they sniff out and that can be placed on top of a graphical drawing of choice – you can move and place the devices in the graphic map as you wish. The allow searching of messages in a specific connection between devices and from or to a specific device. They show there also information on conflicting data received (e.g. if two devices have the same long address, etc.). The also have sections to include previously known data on devices that is included automatically when sniffing a specific network again as well as a window that shows graphic graphs that gather statistical data on important captured messages parameters. I actually was able to TRY ALL the above mentioned using their 30 days evaluation since they allow you to use it for supporting real-time capture of data of up to 4 channel simultaneously and with a long large list of dongles (I used a couple of ST modules I have with me). The list of protocols they support is also quite impressive. It includes 802.15.4 and ZigBee and its profiles (updated with the latest versions I know of) as well as RF4CE and 6LowPAN. They even support pre-releases like ZigBeeIP, ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0 and Smart Energy 1.x with UK extensions. They have interesting features like the possibility edit, create and duplicate messages even from scratch. You can then transmit the messages based on predefined channels and times and even from an internal C# they call Open Source Rules (the transmission of messages was not included in the 30 days free evaluation but I contacted their support and persuaded them to provide me with this option – they were very responsive and professional. They explained also how to encrypt the new messages I created with any security key I want to. Very useful! They run webinars from time to time and allow focusing their explanation on specific issues you ask. They explained more features and options but after a while I decided to learn them myself by playing with the tool. I keep on asking them questions and they are very responsive and detailed in their answers. This helps me to shorten the learning curve. I really recommend this tool!  (Mar 21, 2012 | post #1)


Bluetooth wont connect with my computer

I wish to point you out to an interesting source of info regarding short range wireless networking. I believe that http://www.short-r has some valuable intel on the underlying protocols for chipsets.  (Feb 26, 2012 | post #37)


The Future of Short Range Wireless Technologies: WiFi, Bl...

I just stumbled into an interesting discussion blog that includes different wireless protocols and provides an objective view of the different available protocols and technologies – http://www.short-r . I believe the reports there will be a valuable source of intelligence for this forum.  (Feb 15, 2012 | post #1)