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Go and Travel to Jakarta - Westhill Consulting Travel and...

Grand Hyatt Jakarta is a very popular luxury business hotel. With 428 rooms and guest suites, with roomy bedrooms, flat screen televisions with satellite, Wi-Fi internet (for a fee), in-room safe, large work areas and coffee and tea making facilities, the hotel has both Western and Asian business travelers. The Grand Hyatt Jakarta is preferred by business travelers because of its location. You can walk directly into Plaza Indonesia right from the hotel. There you can find a big shopping mall complete with brand name shops, restaurants and cafes, and a slew of stores to suit your demands. The hotel has a large pool, six restaurants and cafes serving everything from typical Indonesian fare to Japanese, Western and even a seafood restaurant they're rightly famous for. Business travelers will definitely appreciate the meeting facilities, exhibit space and full service business center. There are also serviced apartments that have more space to move around and a bit more privacy since you'll have cooking facilities and all the comforts of home, means you can stay longer if you decide to. The Shangri-La Hotel grants you with luxury business accommodation at its absolute best. It has 668 rooms that are huge with beautiful views may it be over the hotel's swimming pool or onto Jakarta itself. Every room has en suite bath, flatscreen TVs, internet access, in-room safe, a large work area, and both a bath tub and a shower in the spacious bathrooms. They also have complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea and evening drinks, and free temporary membership to the Horizon Club if business travelers are interested in the 105 Horizon Club rooms. It is also a superb place to entertain clients for its several hotel restaurants, with selections for both Asian and International cuisine. There's an exceptional breakfast buffet that is great for breakfast meetings if you want to be certain that your clients are properly fed. There's a gym, swimming pool, tennis courts and other workout options after all the food. Le Meridien, Jakarta, one of the best business hotels in Jakarta, is located right opposite the World Trade Center, Le Meridien is Indonesian in style, with a more minimalist style comparing to some other top business hotels, a beautiful pool area, gardens and waterfalls. There are 346 rooms and guest suites in various sizes, from Superior and Deluxe rooms to a Penthouse Suite. Every room has spacious en suite baths, flatscreen TV with satellite or cable, free internet, tea and coffee making facilities and a large work area. Make sure you book a Le Royal Club room if you want to stay in real business style, this will give you access to the business lounge, meeting facilities, free high-speed internet and an afternoon tea buffet. You’ll find six restaurants and a couple of bars in the hotel. They specialize in Lebanese and Japanese cuisines and serve some of the best food in Jakarta. Amuse your business partners at La Brasserie but if you want something a bit more relaxed, the Tiga Puluh Music Bar and Restaurant with its live local music is a goos choice too. Read More: http://westhillcon  (Apr 23, 2014 | post #20)

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Academy Manager - Westhill Consulting Business

Academy manager - what are the best practices? what to do before, during and after to bring the effect? Over the years there have been many interesting approaches, and solutions that help in ensuring that the Academy was not only intellectual adventure, an opportunity to break away from work and integration with colleagues. How to make the knowledge is in the minds and change attitudes and skills have turned into habits of daily use at work? have presented innovative solutions to support the Academy include: - effective sourcing engagement academy participants (focus groups) - show planning method based academy of Success Case Method - no matter what you have learned, it's important that you applied " - effective solutions - we will show examples of reinforcement tools to be used between training modules: gadgets substantive knowledge of film pills - How to connect the academy with the implementation of a competency model? - In a practical way rehearse together design selected item academy. Thank you for participating, under presentation of the lecture: HR Breakfast Concept development managers - Developing Through Challenges Breakfast will be held on 15 January 2014 from 8.30 - 12.00 in the restaurant Halka Street. Lord 85 in Warsaw. Research on the effectiveness of development managers confirm that training is only 10 percent. impact on their development. 70 percent. the effects are, in turn, properly selected tasks in the workplace. What to do in order to successfully develop managerial staff? During the January Breakfast Dr. Victor Vekselberg HR and Mieszko May, consultants from the Institute for the Analysis. Karl Gauss Sp. Ltd., will present the results of research on the effectiveness of different forms of development managers. The meeting will be devoted to the presentation and discussion of the concept of development managers - Developing Through Challenges with concrete examples of the application in practice and open discussion and exchange of experiences. Before breakfast we invite you to read the article studies refute the myths about developing managers published in the yearbook Employer Handbook 2013, which can be found in the annex to the invitation. For More Information: Westhill Consulting /Konferencje  (Jan 16, 2014 | post #1)

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Westhill Consulting Business Consultant and Trainors

CONSULTANTS AND TRAINERS Krzysztof Filarski Professionally for 11 years dealing with business psychology. As a social psychologist (KUL), also have a degree in management and marketing. For 3 years I worked as a consultant for the prevention of psychological manipulation. Then - specializing in business - I worked as a specialist for sales support and IT. I dealt with the marketing in the School of Management Personnel, where he was also a lecturer HR specialist subjects. For 2 years I was a manager for the development consulting firm. Experience in customer service I gained as a consultant to companies in the aviation industry, banking and pharmaceutical industries. I run a consultancy projects (implementation of SOK, coaching and DC, projects implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of staff development projects) and training for employees and managers mainly customer service departments. Realized a total of more than half a thousand days of training and advisory services. I am also a lecturer at the School of Banking in Poznan. I have a certified coach INTRA BUSINESS. I specialize in project management in the field of coaching and organizational change management. I am a member of the Polish Human Resources Management Association. In the years 2010 - 2012 as an interim manager at DB SCHENKER, I carried a fragment of activities outsourced company Westhill. Privately run extremely healthy lifestyle, I exercise several times a week. I read fantasy books - my goal is in life to read all those that are available on the Polish market. I love to visit European cities with my lovely wife. I am the father of a tiny miracle Emilia. Archery and air gun. I am open to unusual discipline if they are associated with the movement. Features for which the closest to me is common sense, faith and ethics - both in business and in private life. We are happy to discuss about society, religion, entrepreneurship, balance work / life and ... laziness. /Konsultanci  (Jan 16, 2014 | post #1)


Westhill Consulting Business Diagnostic

WHAT ARE DIAGNOSED TEST? TalentReflect ™ is a diagnostic tool defining the natural strengths of the subject. It combines self-assessment and 360 degree feedback . Yet invites five other people who opine operation and behavior of the person being evaluated. WHAT ARE DIAGNOSED TEST? SCM is a tool combining evaluation methodology based on the Success Case Method of multimedia form of follow-up training. The tool assesses whether specific skills acquired during the training were used with measurable success. Utility is an introduction to the in-depth individual interviews (acts as a screening). WHAT ARE DIAGNOSED TEST? TEAM PLUS diagnoses assessed the quality of teamwork by all its members. The report describes 10 dimensions of team effectiveness on a scale of plus / minus (which has a tested team, what's missing). The survey is anonymous, and the results are analyzed collectively. Westhill Consulting /Diagnostyka  (Jan 16, 2014 | post #1)


Westhill Consulting Business

ABOUT U.S. Been on the market since 2004, implementing solutions, consultancy and training in the areas of management and customer service . Through specialization , we can in these areas to support our clients comprehensively, often going beyond their expectations. Through our actions, we consistently build the image of the company based on clear principles with projects to ensure a true partner to build relationships with customers and employees. Referring to the values of honesty and long-term relationships with our clients, we undertake only those projects that give real effect. Important for us is the satisfaction and pride in the fact that we do honest work. In business, wherever there is no ready-made solutions, we turn to our experience and common sense. Below chosen from our offer unique products for our customers : Design, implementation and monitoring of the Customer Service Standards LEVEL UP ™. Difficult conversations with customers by model 5 STEPS LADDER ™. Sales partner: expert and - advisory. Train-the-Trainers and Train-the-coaches Creating a Coaching Standards and its implementation in teams. Development Center aimed at both managers and specialist projects within the emergence of internal coaches or under the Talent Management. First Steps - a comprehensive program implementation staff, and in the spirit grywalizacji. Development and implementation of the Regular Assessment Systems. Business Coaching for Managers (use coaching tools in working with subordinates). Managing the process of change based on the model of Bridges. Management based on the concept of strengths / potential self-management and employees connected with the analysis of test TALENTREFLECT ™. Analysis of the quality of teams in the company on the basis of a tool TEAM PLUS ™ If you are determined (or just planning) project changes in the organization, we invite you to cooperation! Westhill Consulting /  (Jan 15, 2014 | post #1)


Reasons Not to Choose Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours

Reasons Not to Choose Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours I am taking time to write this review to warn people about this so that they wont experience the same thing we did. How do I even begin this review? How can I summarize the terror I endured? Westhill Consulting travel and tours apparently doesn’t know what they were doing, its clear that they got no idea of what their company is suppose to be. They obviously got no talent in client service. Let us start with how unprofessional and gauche the receptionist is at Westhill Consulting travel and tours. We went there for the first time today and were simply asking the receptionist questions about how Westhill works. The receptionist, instead of being grateful for the fact that we were inquiring about the business as a potential customer, assumed that we wouldn't pay the $85 per hour to help us plan our first trip. What a douche. My husband and I, who might have been clients, are now entirely put off by this receptionist's insulting comments. My husband simply wanted you to answer questions since we never used an agency before but she was so annoying and very insulting. There is no way we are coming back at Westhill! If the receptionist treat people like this what more can I expect from their actual service I bet it would be crappier since they have crappy attitudes. They got to remember that they are not the only travel agency and no one will ever deal with craps therefore no one will waste time going there just to be treated like that. They are simply pathetic, lazy service with absolutely no concern for new customers. And of course we ended up not booking a tour with these guys. Who would?? And oh my cousin who actually did get a booking from them and she said the company is made up of a bunch of lying, manipulative thieves. The agents are incompetent and do everything for their own benefit, not for the guests. Oh boy, now talking about customer service huh? I do not think you would last long. Just do not go for them or else you’re going to have a bad time. This tour company is only about ripping you off. Check This Spammed Site: http://westhillcon  (Oct 25, 2013 | post #1)