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Mar 27, 2010

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I want to move to Alaska!

If anyone can give me some info on what the job market looks like up north. My hubby and I are planning to move from Portland, Or to AK in the next year or two. He is finishing his paramedic training and is hoping to get a position working with a helicopter medic crew or something similar. I am finishing my mechanical drafting and design degree, so I would be looking at getting into the engineering field. I have seen a few people say to go up and look for jobs before moving, I suppose that would likely dictate the area we lived in. We are flexible on commuting and are actually hoping to live just outside one of the larger cities if possible. Portland has made us sick of the urban life. Ok, sorry, one more question. We currently have a front wheel drive car... will a car with good snow tires be sufficient or should we look into getting a 4WD SUV prior to coming up? I lived with a woman in Skagway who owned a honda prelude and she seemed to do fine. Though Skagway is considerably farther south than Anchorage or Fairbanks... any thoughts on that topic? Thanks, Shanara Y.  (Mar 27, 2010 | post #59)