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Feb 8, 2009

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Irvine, KY

Sheriff Freeman needs a tough race in 10

Not to horn in on this thread, but I've found alot of your comments interesting. I have been involved in law enforcement for approximately 18 years in Jefferson County, both with the S.O. and city police. I've never met Sheriff Freeman, but have heard alot of things about him, both good and bad, which is the nature of the beast being in an elected office. I am a native of Winchester, with strong ties in Estill County, my ancestors from my Grandparents on back are buried in Irvine. My two oldest children also are natives of Estill, and still reside there. My point to this rambling is that I retire in about three years, and have been approached by several local citizens to consider running for Sheriff of Estill County in 2014. I understand that Sheriff Freeman is planning on retiring around then if he wins the next election. My question to you, and be honest, what reaction can I expect from the citizens of Estill County as a one time resident, then returning after numerous years to run for local office? I believe my experience that I have gained over the years could benefit your community, and I would be able to reconnect with my roots. Just a thought folks, thanks for any input.  (Sep 30, 2009 | post #69)

Shively, KY

Man charged with attempted murder after allegedly shootin...

It's all a matter of respect, for oneself, for their elders, for each other, and the lack of that respect, whether it be for somebody's property or life is the key problem. Not making excuses for anyone, but these folks, no matter what color, don't have any self respect and are expecting to get it by force either by violence or monetarily. They haven't a clue what real respect is because they've never been shown, and by the time they get to the point that they would need to either show or receive real true respect, their idea of it is so warped, they only do what they know how.  (Feb 24, 2009 | post #16)

Shively, KY

Shively officer indicted on child abuse, assault charges

If you would have followed up on the facts, that officer was exonerated and all charges dismissed, stay tuned for the lawsuits to follow.  (Feb 13, 2009 | post #4)

Irvine, KY

sick of COPS herasing are children in Estill co

Citizen, I will agree with you on the point that we both have the right to our opinions and we'll leave it at that, my point of this whole discussion is that if the constabulary in Estill County is that corrupt, then the citizenry needs to flex their God given right and vote these people out of office, which, I hate to use the old adage, the trickle down effect will take place and eventually these undesirables will be replaced with better people. Granted, economics comes into play, and it's difficult to find quality personnel for $7.00 per hour. I will retract my statement on the dopers though, you evidently are the exception and not the norm, and I appreciate your candor.  (Feb 13, 2009 | post #34)

Irvine, KY

sick of COPS herasing are children in Estill co

Fact is, to hold a certification as a law enforcement officer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, you MUST complete an eighteen week academy at EKU, or have equivalent training from another state that is recognized. As far as who is hired as police officers is up to your ELECTED officials, key word being ELECTED. As "Citizen " remarked "Face it, police in generay are nothing but pimples on the ass of soceity." Well Citizen, next time you are in a wreck, or someone has just stolen your car or are breaking in your house, call a crackhead and see what you get. I deal with people on a nightly basis who are at their worse, they were just beaten by their significant other, or their child lays motionless from getting in their parents drug stash,or notifying a set of parents that their beautiful 19 year old daughter was just killed in a drunk driving accident. Citizen, when was the last time you had to try to revive an elderly person with their whole family screaming behind you, or held a gunshot victim in your arms as they died because there was no way to stop the bleeding from all the wounds? I myself have a bachelor's degree in business, what do you have???? Two of my kids have done better than I did, a third will graduate with hers this year, then go on to post graduate study, and my fourth starts college this fall, and what have you done??? Citizen, before you decide to lump every cop into one tidy little category to make yourself feel better, you might do a little more research than just what your knuckle dragging neanderthal dope smoking buddies tell you while you're burning that fattie up on Furnace Mountain.  (Feb 12, 2009 | post #32)

Irvine, KY

Joe Crawford

You could get it still, just don't know who's autograph it'll be!  (Feb 12, 2009 | post #32)

Irvine, KY

sick of COPS herasing are children in Estill co

Looks like a little more training in the proper use of the english language might be a good place to start. Granted, there are some bad cops in every department, just like bad doctors in every hospital, and bad clerks in every store, the list goes on. Everyone likes to whine and look for excuses, but nobody wants to take responsibility for their own actions. If the parents kept up with their kids, the kids wouldn't be running hog wild and getting into whatever. I've raised four good kids, all with college degrees or better because I worked my azz off to ensure it was done, and ALL of my kids knew if they crossed the line they were going to taste boot leather in the back of their throat from my foot being so far up their butt. So if you want to whine and snivel because you feel like you're being harassed, then put on your big boy pants and lodge a LEGITIMATE complaint, and use the system. If not, shut your pie hole and go back to smoking your crap and feeling sorry for yourself. I've spent 10 years in the military and 19 as a cop, so nothing surprises me. But I do believe in the freedom we have here, and I've put good brave men in foriegn soil to ensure everyone has their inalienable rights guaranteed them by our constitution. Either step up, cowboy up and stand for what you believe in, or be a weak victim cowering in corner sucking your thumb, or bong.  (Feb 10, 2009 | post #19)

Winchester, KY

please read! im desperate for an answer!

Well, you might try being a friend first, my wife and I became best of friends before we became involved, it worked!  (Feb 10, 2009 | post #4)

Irvine, KY

sick of COPS herasing are children in Estill co

WTF???  (Feb 10, 2009 | post #15)

Irvine, KY

Joe Crawford

Cute,the way I heard it is that he used the money for chili dogs at the Twin, then made you ride behind his car in a radio flyer wagon, then made you sing show tunes whilst waving sparklers in large circular motions with your butt cheeks while he played dueling banjos on a jews harp,and only a BB gun was involved, but I may be mistaken! LOL  (Feb 10, 2009 | post #17)

Irvine, KY

Estill County Dreams

How old is the Mack? The reason is if it can be placed on the historic registry, it may open up some grant money for renovation. As Joe said, unfortunately it takes the almighty dollar to get things done, but it also takes PEOPLE, especially the ones that take pride in where their from, and those that have adopted Estill County as their new home. The more people are involved, the easier and faster things happen. I'm glad to see the comments on here and I'd like to see more of them.  (Feb 9, 2009 | post #63)

Irvine, KY

Joe Crawford

Thanks all for the comments, I'm very proud of my son, I've watched him grow from a little cotton haired boy to a good, hardworking and responsible adult. He's got alot of fire in his soul for what he believes in. Just from what I've seen, he's shaking things up and getting people to think differently, and all to the good. He's not one to give up easily, so expect him to keep slugging away until things are on the upswing, people are working, jobs are plentiful and Estill County becomes a place people want to move to, not away from.  (Feb 9, 2009 | post #14)

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